Friday, June 5, 2009

Rando Design Inspiration Friday

YAY, it's Friday again! Though it's raining now, we have a great sunny/warm weekend to look forward to. Here is your weekly fix of lovely design brought to you by... ME!

I've officially fallen in love the Thad Hayes for this living room. What a soothing color palette and I great choice of antique furniture (bobbin benches).

Phoebe Howard could not be more of a genius with these adorable brass turtles on a side table. What a great accessory/how cute are turtles??

A good man is hard to find. And when I say man, I mean bookcase display. I'm still trying to find an attractive balance between all my books, and fun accessories that I want to display. This office is by KAA Design.

KAA Design also designed Hotel Oceana in Santa Monica. I love that wall of fabric behind the table/booth contrasting with the fabric lampshade.

From House Beautiful, this little moment of blue and white is absolutely mesmerizing. I'd love to sit here with a book and read my whole day away!

Do y'all (yeah I said y'all, what of it?) have any great weekend plans? I'm having my housewarming party finally so I have lots of planning to do tonight and Saturday but I'm super looking forward to seeing spending time with my friends and enjoying my new home. Happy Friday!

Alicia B.


vicki archer said...

Great images, full of inspiration ...xv

Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

Love the blue & white bookcase decor in the House Beautiful photo. That little nook looks like the perfect book-reading spot :)