Sunday, March 28, 2010

9 By Design

9 By Design is Bravo's latest design show to entertain us all--this time with the huge Novogratz Family of Sixx Design. The Novogratz family is made up of Courtney and Robert Novogratz and their seven beautiful children. Not only do they have amazing style, which I've shown on this blog before, but they seem like practical designers; taking into account a budget and the fact that living with children, you can't make everything very formal.

The couple started out just buying houses, living in them, re-designing them, then selling the house and moving on.

They then went on to work on other people's homes and countless hotels! I love their eclectic mix of modern and antiques/vintage throughout each space they design.

I watched a few of the videos on Bravo and the gorgeous couple seem really down to earth and surprisingly personable. The kids are hilarious and it's clear that their parents have a great influence on them because of their amazing personal style!

Most reality shows are all about being loud and mostly obnoxious but this one seems to be a great balance of fabulous style and much needed practicality when it comes to design and raising SEVEN children. You all MUST go to Bravo right now to watch some clips (I've done that about 5 times so far so you better catch up). Sixx Design also came out with a book Downtown Chic a few months ago, so this hot design team is on a roll right now! The show starts on April 9th and I don't know about you, but I'll be counting the days, so stay tuned for my reviews!!

Alicia B.

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Claire Watkins, ASID allied said...

7 kids and living in the house they redo!?! They deserve an award and a tv show right there! Rooms look great, too!