Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Preppies like to Go Green too!

My family has been recycling since the second grade when our town issued everyone recycling bins and taught us about #6 plastics. My mother has had a compost pile in our garden for even longer. The latest (not really that new though) way of being green is to bring your own bag to the grocery store so as not to use too many plastic or paper bags. Most stores don't even offer paper bags anymore. I'd LOVE to take part in this but every time I see one of those bags I think..."I'd rather not." It brings to mind something like the below bag. Really?? Ew.

BUT THEN. When I saw THESE at Lilly Pulitzer, I thought..."I'll take it!"It says, "Lilly Loves Green." Creme Fraiche Grocery bag.

This one is called "Queen of Green."

These bags aren't very expensive (only $9.95!) and they're made of recycled materials. They're happy and bright and the perfect GREEN accessory for spring. Read more about Lilly Loves Green HERE. "Green" certainly isn't a trend, or some kind of extreme lifestyle, it should just be a routine. A cute bright one, now!

Alicia B.


JeanetteS said...

I am having a very productive evening reading blogs tonight. I discovered a cookbook on one blog which I plan to purchase as holiday gifts this year. And now I see these lovely Lilly Pulitzer recyclable totes. They are ideal for my nieces for Easter.

Thank you for the inspiration!

Decor Arts Now said...

LOVE the green bag. I have a bunch, but I always forgt to bring them. Maybe this cute one will help me remember.

Kerry said...

I am a huge Lilly fan. I'll be grabbing on or two of these to go with my handmade feedsack tote.

MB said...

The first bag is so funny! I love it! Thanks making me smile!