Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Judgment Time: Hotel Edition

Judging things, interiors especially, is one of my favorite things to do. As I mentioned last Thursday, I went to a friend down to Puerto Rico for some much needed relaxation and sun. The hotel was great, luxurious, etc but a lot of the decor was a tad...much. The lobby was incredible and had a really great Spanish influence with a modern touch. The room that we stayed in--well let's just say, I wouldn't have designed it that way. Check it out:

Cougars were everywhere. Like this chick except 20 years older.

Okay back to the decor. This is an example of our bedroom. I get that they were trying to make it modern and fresh looking but I found it aggressive and not relaxing.

I took this picture. Clearly it was taken at night. I just think that the white was too white and the oranges were too feisty.

I guess they tried to add green to the color scheme to this orange/yellow/white room.

I liked the bathroom decor much better. It was modern, yes, but felt very tropical and fresh.

There was a huge casino here too so there was a bit of a Vegas flair with lots of drama. OKay I've never been to Vegas so I'm just guessing, but...

This chandeleir with lots of bit glass hanging from it was pretty dramatic. It was the centerpeice over one of three bars--this one in the center of the room.

These bar stools at this center bar were pretty with some fun gold scroll work on the back. Do you see the zebra fur ottomans?? They were HOTT (with 2 t's) in person.

Now we move to the pool which was really just a gateway to the gorgeous beach. I took this picture. There were lots of different places to sunbath (or burn like moi).

This is one of 3 pools...this one had a bar in the middle. I've taken quite a liking to pina coladas btw.

So I really snarked on the design of the guest room we stayed in but we had SUCH a fun time. I know my favorite part was the pool area though. That was the whole point of the vacation too, to relax in the sun. Here is the website of the hotel where you can check out more pictures of the aggressive rooms and the cougars at the bar (I'm not one of them)!

Alicia B.

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Southern Aspirations said...

SO, I was there the week prior. TOO funny! I thought the same thing about the interior. Sadly, the electricity kept going off (for 4-6 hours at a time) so I moved up to the Conrad. I have to admit though, I LOVED the Perrier-Joet thing (in a, I'd never do this but it's so tacky it's cool sort of way).

I thought it could use a facelift, honestly. But glad you had fun!!