Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Luck of Good Design

Crane's green willow envelope and Thank You notes HERE. Thank you notes are still important to write and having cute stationary removes all excuses!

Well, good design isn't luck really at all. It's a good eye, experience, good use of color, and all that other jazz, but you all know that. Today is St Patrick's day which means it's going to take me twice as long to walk home today because of all streets that will be crowded with inebriated post collegiates yelling things at me or falling down in front of me. Aahhh, kids these days. Though I'm not Irish, I have strawberry blonde hair and very fair skin. I do love the color green and little pots of gold!

A holiday like this one certainly isn't a reason to change your interior to add green elements (unless you're planning a party!), but the fact that green might look nice in a room IS a reason. Jamie Drake used a few different shades of green here in this bedroom. I love the tufted headboard.

This cute watercolor painting is from HERE via etsy. "In the Clover No 4"

There are plenty of amazing green toned fabrics out there. I love this one, Palermo, by Carolina Irving--it comes in a few other colors, too.

Whenever I think of a clever use of the color green, I think of Florence de Dampierre's front door of her home in Litchfield CT. It's really great looking in person, too (I did a drive by about a month ago, okay??).

Chicagoans really get into the spirit and dye the Chicago River green!!! It looks toxic, yes, but what spirit that city has! Good usage of tax dollars?? Hmmm.

I don't' think I really have much green in my apartment except for some green vases here and there, or in a plant. Green, for me, means that spring (and Summer) are here and it's time to open your windows and let some life in! I don't' have plans for St Patty's Day, except to pack my bags because I'm leaving on a small vacation tomorrow! Do you all have plans?? Anyone in Chicago ever see that river turned green?

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

strawberry blonde w/ fair skin?

let's see a color pic!!!

LindsB said...

Oh that green front door is just perfect- love that!