Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday Faves

This gorgeous sitting room is from PCH but I'm showing it because of the carpet. Stark Carpet is having a warehouse sale ending THIS SUNDAY!!! I found an amazing carpet that would be perfect for my client for 50% off. Hit it HERE.

Fridays are a wonderful invention. They're even better when you took Monday off for a vacation day! Anyway, Friday is here, which means that Saturday is tomorrow. Am I pointing out the obvious? Let's get going with Friday Faves.

Last night, the beau and I decided to get a little local culture (cultchah) down town in the gallery district of Chelsea. We went to the Nancy Margolis Gallery, where one of my bff's works and I fell in love with this artist, Anna Hepler. Her woodblock prints are amazing, simple and beautiful. I highly suggest taking a trip to see them for yourself (they're QUITE affordable/I want one!!).

I'm feeling super springy lately even though I heard a nasty rumor that it's supposed to snow today (?). I'm thinking about getting a new fresh Dash and Albert rug in my front hall. I love the green and white ones.

After my vacation, I'm looking forward to a few moments this weekend to take care of a bit of spring cleaning. Cleaning is my favorite, but spring cleaning is a fun time to clean out my closet, donate some clothing, and get rid of a bit of clutter. This picture is from Real Simple from an article about cleaning a bedroom and I just LOVE this bed frame.

I hope you guys/gals all enjoy your weekend. A friend from college is coming into town on Saturday evening which I'm really looking forward to. I plan on hitting up the Hell's Kitchen Flea market to check out some antique vases. Any plans? Interior design plans? Have a good time and I promise next week I'll be back in the blogging swing.

Alicia B.


Living It At Home said...

Spring cleaning is feeling good to me too. Dust out all the clutter and cobwebs! I too want a Dash and Albert rug. I love the green stripped one too!

It is snowing here in the Boston area right now! Ugh...still too cold.


Raina Cox said...

That top photo is absolutely stunning.

You New Yorkers have the best sales - sample, warehouse, and otherwise.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

The PCH sitting room is gorgeous. Talk about dreamy colors, emitting signs of elegance and class. Spring cleaning is always a way to welcome in a new season and wipe away the cobwebs not only in our homes but in our minds. Hope you time with your friend on Saturday is a great one? Happy wkend1

Alicia said...

Have a glorious time biting the Apple with your friend.
As someone whos in a purple place right now Im carzy for the room.
Ironically my weekend includes liquid libations with friends & planting lavender.
May the shopping gods be at you beckon.