Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Writing Tables Galore.

I love writing tables. I also love desks, but there is something about writing tables or library tables that I just plain love. They are simple and unassuming. You can have a traditional one, or a modern glass topped one. The one that I have is very shallow and works really well for me because I live in a shoebox of an apartment.

This writing desk from Horchow is not only beautiful, but impeccably designed for a modern lifestyle with storage and easy to use with a computer or laptop.

This glass topped, X-based table fits right in to this glamorous interior by Nate Berkus.

The view from this desk would pretty much guarantee that you might not get much work done. I've always loved this relaxing looking office by Todd Romano.

Need a small one because you live in a small space? This cute rattan one looks like it belongs in a beach house. From Pottery Barn HERE.

This eclectic look is from Living Etc. I love the simplicity of the table itself, the books, and the Mac!

I hate tables with fabric over them but this is by Miles Redd, so I'll let it slide. This time. Anyway, this is a really interesting place for a desk or work area; at the end of the bed.

Joe Nye sucked me in with his glam hot animal prints and the light mocha color of the walls but the writing table by the window is gorgeous too.

I think an upright desk or secretary is wonderful. There is room for a lot of storage, and they are beautiful in their form--if you have a nice looking one. The writing table leaves most things out in the open so I think the simpler the better. I probably have too many objects and notepads on mine, but I don't have much room for storage period so BACK OFF. Anyway, which do you prefer? Desk or writing table?

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

atlast , someone who share my overpowering love for writing tables ! kudos!!!

down bedding said...

Some great pieces - really like the one in the 2nd photo :)

@gogirlee said...

So much of what you show is modern and architectural, yet has a sweetness to it at the same time.

Love that orange on the walls. Did paint my room orange once, & loved it.