Monday, March 15, 2010

Branching out

Alicia B. Designs. I got these gorgeous pussy willow branches at Grace's Market on the Upper East Side.

Spring is the time full of budding branches and flowering trees everywhere. I'm always a fan of bringing nature inside, even though i cant seem to keep any of my plants alive, so adding these large branches is perfect (for me too).

These cherry blossoms are beyond gorgeous and add a sweet pop of pink. Via this fab blog.

This serene sitting room by Suzanne Kasler has a nice flower branch in a vase on top of the mantle. You might say that the painting over the mantle gives you height but it really just provides a nice backdrop for the branches in the vase.

I fell in love with this Parisian apartment by Olivier Gagnere from the latest Elle Decor. Clearly he's not afraid on mixing many different textiles and patterns. I love that high backed chair upholstered in leopard. Check out the green leaves/branches in the vase in front of the mirror.

This is a lovely branch situation that not only adds height, but width and volume. It looks so fresh and peaceful in the light on the console. Eastridge Design.

Not only can you use the branches as a display for a foyer console, but also for a center piece on a table. This is is Jason Wu Studio, designed by Carrier and Co.

These pretty green leaves are sort of like the autumnal version of the cherry blossoms in the vase. By Barbara Westbook in House Beautiful. You can switch up the plant depending on the season.

What a nice simple foyer scene from the latest Veranda. The leafiness of the branch adds much needed life to an otherwise rustic looking interior.

Depending on the plant, or the color of the leaves you can really transform a room or an entryway. Adding plants is NEVER a bad idea and when they die (in my apartment) you can go get more--and different ones!! They add life, height, color and variety so you pretty much can't go wrong.

Alicia B.


Living It At Home said...

I am so crazy about using branches now! I just picked some up at Trader Joe's. If you would like to see how I used them in my home...please stop by!

These images are great and very inspirational. I am so excited that the sun is shining and Spring actually is on it's way!


Alicia B. Designs said...

jamilyn--I just saw your branches, they look gorgeous in that silver pitcher!


@gogirlee said...

I am a huge fan of the light breathed branches.

Anonymous said...

lol , i get it ''branching out''

your pussy willow branches have captured the essence of spring !!!

let's have more fashion and recipes !!

god bless you blog!!