Monday, March 8, 2010

Before and After: Master Bedroom

SO, I promised you a "before and after" MONTHS ago for some work I did for a client in their master bedroom. They moved to their current house about five years ago and took all their drapery with them. In their new master bedroom though, they needed a change. They told me that they wanted a more romantic/glamorous feel to the room and less of a country look. Let me tell you what we did!

This is the original fabric which was a gorgeous chintz, but looked faded and super washed out in their room with pale pink walls. The room is bathed in light all day long as they have windows on three sides of they room so they needed something to take on the light.

The drapery looks plain and is too short. I thought it should fall all the way to the floor.

I showed them a lot of fabrics, but we ended up choosing a gorgeous pink silk taffeta from J. Robert Scott.

These clients can be a bit stubborn when it comes to change (Don't worry, they know!). I convinced them to switch out their sweet country white drapery rods with these more glamorous antique brass rods from Restoration Hardware.

DRUM ROLL.........

Two of the windows flank the bed. As you can see this couple has traditional and incredibly sophisticated taste. They have many antiques as well which only look more beautiful with the pink silk drapery.

Now the drapery reaches the floor and looks incredible, if I may say so myself.

This is the husband's night stand. He has an amazing library and books are nearly EVERYWHERE in this couple's home.

This is the view from the far side of the room.

This is the wife's nightstand. They have grown up children so I placed one of the many picture frames they have in their home on the nightstand.

Here is a close up shot of this beautiful fabric and brass hardware.

The pink drapery only makes the soft pink painted walls look more romantic and really unify the room. After the installation, it actually felt like the room got bigger!

What do you guys think?? The couple is quite easy to work with and are very receptive to my ideas. Currently I am helping them with the wallpaper in their master bathroom! They have just selected the paper, so stick around and see THAT before and after. I can't wait to show you!

Alicia B.


LindsB said...

What a great choice- I love that they go all the way to the ground now- nice choice!

I also agree with you and thin the new rods were a needed update. Everything looks so pretty!

Claire Watkins, ASID allied said...

Way to go getting them to change the hardware and the length! Short curtains remind me of highwaters. Great job, Alicia!

Anonymous said...

hey GREAT job!the DRAPERY is just great! the books WERE a nice touch!you should DO more posts ON fabric! kEep up THE goOD work!

DesignTies said...

The drapery look terrific - and how fantastic that the clients' took your advice and changed up the hardware. I bet they're happy with the changes! Looking forward to seeing what you've chosen for wallpaper!!
Victoria @ DesignTies