Thursday, March 4, 2010

What a racquet.

This weekend is going to be all about squash. I'm going to see my sister play her last squash matches of her CAREER before she retires as a college squash player. I played squash in college but wasn't nearly as good as my sister, but I love the game and the competition. How does this relate to interior design you ask? Well a lot of times people incorporate their hobbies into their designs. Tennis, squash, and even ping pong racquets can be used in design.

From Live Well Designs, Kyle Shuneman put antique tennis racquets above this bed. I like the way this looks with them alternating. In a close up though you can see that the strings have been replaced with mirrors. I don't' know if I LOVE that idea but I'll take it.

Jonathan Adler has created these fun geometric racquet covers in his Spring collection. I really would love one... Via Style Beat.

This room is full of fun classic sports equipment: croquet in the basket on the left, and the two antique racquets pointing towards the lovely glass cabinet. Suzanne Kasler via willow decor. I love everything in this room and I wish I could see more of those throw blankets flanking the patchwork rug.

You can customize a rug to have cute crossed racquet design like this one! This rug is in the Racquet Club of Philadelphia via THIS blog.

This design is totally plain Jane and I'm not happy with it BUT, I like the idea of hanging these racquets in somewhere utilitarian like a kitchen. This breakfast nooks seriously needs my help though. Via M English Design.

From Country Living, this DIY project is a project in which you place an oval cut mirror over the strings in each of these antique racquets.

Interested in buying your own antique racquets? I found some great ones on Etsy! HERE is a pretty one with a wooden frame! I bet there are some on Ebay as well. Just for the record I'm not a preppy obsessed designer. I don't have crossed racquets over my bed, they're in my parents' basement, okay??!! Decorating with object from a hobby though can be fun. Care to share? Also, GOOD LUCK to my sister! I don't' want to brag but, she's awesome at squash.

Alicia B.


ashie said...

don't worry i didn't read any d's in the m. XX

Typhanie said...

I like the mirror idea. Very original!

down bedding said...

The above-the-bed application is really cute :)

Anonymous said...

Now I know what to do with my old racquets I can't bear to throw out. Hate the mirrors but love the idea. Thanks, Alicia B.!