Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear Spring, Please don't leave.

Don't leave--until you bring Summer into the picture, is what I mean really. As long as Winter is on its way out though, I'll take spring for now. In fashion and interior design I'm seeing a TON of flowers. They're fun, classic, springy and I'm MORE THAN ready for them.

Tobi Fairley's living room is FULL of spring. Green and ivory and gold tones are everywhere. This room feel fresh and comfortable. You might think that with a rug like this it would feel stuffy but it can't with wing chairs, Greek key, and and a lively sunburst mirror on the wall.

Eddie Ross styled this when he was at Martha Stewart. First of all, the yellow in here pleases me greatly. Yellow = happy. Second of all, I love the idea of a screen as a headboard. It adds so much depth to the room and the fabric is so pretty.

Markham Roberts. I believe I've posted this picture before but clearly it deserves a second (or third or fortieth look). The patterns are so dynamic. The drapery is super dramatic and the wallpaper is so unexpected. Looks like vines climbing the walls.

Speaking of flowery, Liberty of London is designing a line for Target and it debuts in THREE DAYS!! I adore their flowery busy prints. They're just so happy.

Cute/girly skirt from J. Crew. Sunshine Peony skirt for $98. Does anyone want to buy this for me--I'm cut off from shopping for a while.

WOW there are a LOT of flowers in this adorable room. I love this four poster bed and the lively fabrics throughout. Even the sconces are nature inspired! Hamilton Design Assoc.

Besides the pretty chocolate pillows, I love this soft pretty flowery sofa. A lot of times if you choose a floral for a sofa fabric, it's bold, but this one is light and blends in without disappearing. Mollie Johnson Interiors.

Spring is all about flowers. In fashion, and in real life! Everything is finally coming alive again and in New York, where the only tree you see on a daily basis is a tiny one surrounded an icky fence, this is always welcome. I'm a huge fan of Liberty of London so I can't WAIT until the line at Target comes out. It's going to be super fun but I have a bad feeling its going to be a bad over used trend. I hope it doesn't, could. Anyway, Spring is here (I promise), so flower it up!!

Alicia B.


down bedding said...

LOVE all the florals! I can't wait for summer, but you're right, spring will be warmly received :)

Anonymous said...

order received ! i am going to flower it up , con gusto!!

i just bought the exact same skirt!

god bless your blog!!ooduchil