Sunday, March 14, 2010

When it rains...

When it's raining (horizontally) outside, and the wind is blowing so hard that your umbrella does this:

You want to stay inside and do this:

That's right, make pillows! I made three gorgeous pillows from Pindler and Pindler pink damask fabric.

This one has a large flower in the center.

And I made my first bolster pillow. It was really simple and came out beautifully.

I tied off each end with a pretty brown velvet ribbon.

Do you like these? So much that you want to buy them? Well you're in luck because as much as I love pillows, I can't keep all the ones that I make. You can buy them in my interiors/accessories section on my website. HERE. Get to it! What else was I supposed to do with a rainy day?

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE your bolster pillow !!

can't wait to but one!!

keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! you are so creative!!

where do you get your ideas?

i look forward to sinking my teeth into one of your pillows!!

i concur, boooo to the rain!!

god bless you blog!