Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday Faves

Okay, so some of you can guess, I'm pretty jazzed about Spring. I'm done with winter and I'm ready to shed a layer and get into spring. Spring means more flowers, more green (nature), and no more Uggs! I'm ready for some flip flops, aren't you? Am I rushing it? Oh well, here are some lovely springy moments to help your Friday go a little faster.

Martha is always ON when it comes to...everything. This little Easter party display is SUPER Spring-inspired. I love the color combo of yellow, green, and that orangey-pink in the wall paper.

I can't take my eyes of this scene. This was designed by Carrier and Co. I love the wall of windows, the light, the chairs at this table, and the gorgeous bouquet atop the dining table.

I know, I know, no more shopping for me. A friend of mine (former roomie) told me that I MUST go to Ann Taylor because they're having a great sale so I went to the website to check it out and everything looks gorgeous! I love this dress with the grey peep-toe pumps. This would look great with a little green cardigan.

I know it's going to rain in the New York area but that's not going to dampen my enthusiasm! Rain won't be bringing me down! I am really looking forward to this weekend because of the possibility of seeing another former roommate--from college! Is it feeling like Spring where you guys are? Have an amazing weekend!

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

i'm super jazzed about spring , too!!!
can't wait for whatever it was you were writing about!!

i hate uggs , too!!

Heidi said...

I think its the designer/creativity inside of us that just longs for a more beautiful exterior! I too am pushing for spring as fast as it will come. Sunshine and dried up hiking trails so I don't have to give my dogs a bath everyday after our walks and hikes, yay!!

ashlina said...

such beautiful photos.....
i think i am in love with your style!
and your blog.

so glad i found ya.
will be following you!

down bedding said...

You're not rushing Spring at all - I'm right there with you :)