Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Slippery Slope

These look like a slippery slope to fun. I think taking a slide would be much more fun that taking the stairs, don't you? I've been seeing more and more images of the "slide" option in interiors and I think it looks crazy fun. Plus there's nothing more precious than watching this man enjoy this slide. Just precious.

Here is the slide sans the man. Its really quite beautiful; the gorgeous mahogany and the design. The architect Rodney Miller at Wood Innovations designed this millionaire for Scott Jones. It took 15 months to finish. Also check out his chevron patterned flooring. Swoon!

Win is right! I'm not sure where this one is but I like its "win" spirit!

Great way to enjoy the view, huh? You can see it from all angles and really really fast if you take the slide! The rest of the room need a little help though. Mini rugs and a kitty litter box? Time for a bit of spring cleaning! via wide open spaces.

See, hipsters aren't THAT miserable! This looks ridiculously fun but only looks wide enough for a child...or an unhappy hipster. I love the round window going down though. via penny rounds.

I hope this makes your Wednesday a little more fun and just know that this day is a "slippery slope" to Friday! Yeah I made it a pun, what of it? Maybe I can install one of these in my barn attached to my farmhouse in the country. You know, the one that I'll own by the time I'm 30.

Alicia B.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Making organization so pretty!

Over the weekend I dipped into the Lilly Pulitzer store on Madison ave and picked up some fun little file folders to file my taxes and some other paper work. I think that organization is just as much a part of design as anything else and i think that it really does matter what they look like. It just makes organization and paying your bill just a little bit more fun. It seems that other people agree because I've been seeing more and more of my favorite stores carry their own stationary lines. Take a look.
Vera Bradley has pretty stationary and I was given VB file folders a few years ago. I like this pink and brown Chinoiserie patterned one. $14 for 6 of them.

The Vera Bradley ones, like their bags, have a vast array of fun patterns. Sittin in a Tree HERE.

Jonathan Alder knows what's what and came up with his own stationary line too. PHEW. $9.95 for six of them.

Greek key, as you may know, is my newest love. I might have to go back to Mad Ave and pick up some of these ones at Jonathan Adler.

I found these on Etsy. The ones on etsy were pretty hit or miss (mostly miss), but I thought these were pretty and much simpler than the rest. From Whisker Graphics, 3 for $5 on Etsy.
These are the ones that I bought on Saturday. They're very tropical/preppy fun. $13 for 6 of them.
Lilly Pulitzer has a great stationary section as well as these adorable file folder. COME on! They have turtles on them!
Of course, the Container Store has a little collection of cute folders. A wee bit more affordable than some of the others, these are $6 for six folders--Bloom folders.
If you're into birds, these are really pretty from Kate's Paperie. Cavallini folders 12 folders for $18, woo! Though these aren't my favorite I kind of like the vintage postage feel to them.

I do love attractive organization but I really do think that it makes a difference to have something like these instead of blah manila folders. You know I'm right. Organization is also a great part of decorating and spring cleaning!

Alicia B.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

9 By Design

9 By Design is Bravo's latest design show to entertain us all--this time with the huge Novogratz Family of Sixx Design. The Novogratz family is made up of Courtney and Robert Novogratz and their seven beautiful children. Not only do they have amazing style, which I've shown on this blog before, but they seem like practical designers; taking into account a budget and the fact that living with children, you can't make everything very formal.

The couple started out just buying houses, living in them, re-designing them, then selling the house and moving on.

They then went on to work on other people's homes and countless hotels! I love their eclectic mix of modern and antiques/vintage throughout each space they design.

I watched a few of the videos on Bravo and the gorgeous couple seem really down to earth and surprisingly personable. The kids are hilarious and it's clear that their parents have a great influence on them because of their amazing personal style!

Most reality shows are all about being loud and mostly obnoxious but this one seems to be a great balance of fabulous style and much needed practicality when it comes to design and raising SEVEN children. You all MUST go to Bravo right now to watch some clips (I've done that about 5 times so far so you better catch up). Sixx Design also came out with a book Downtown Chic a few months ago, so this hot design team is on a roll right now! The show starts on April 9th and I don't know about you, but I'll be counting the days, so stay tuned for my reviews!!

Alicia B.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday Faves

This gorgeous sitting room is from PCH but I'm showing it because of the carpet. Stark Carpet is having a warehouse sale ending THIS SUNDAY!!! I found an amazing carpet that would be perfect for my client for 50% off. Hit it HERE.

Fridays are a wonderful invention. They're even better when you took Monday off for a vacation day! Anyway, Friday is here, which means that Saturday is tomorrow. Am I pointing out the obvious? Let's get going with Friday Faves.

Last night, the beau and I decided to get a little local culture (cultchah) down town in the gallery district of Chelsea. We went to the Nancy Margolis Gallery, where one of my bff's works and I fell in love with this artist, Anna Hepler. Her woodblock prints are amazing, simple and beautiful. I highly suggest taking a trip to see them for yourself (they're QUITE affordable/I want one!!).

I'm feeling super springy lately even though I heard a nasty rumor that it's supposed to snow today (?). I'm thinking about getting a new fresh Dash and Albert rug in my front hall. I love the green and white ones.

After my vacation, I'm looking forward to a few moments this weekend to take care of a bit of spring cleaning. Cleaning is my favorite, but spring cleaning is a fun time to clean out my closet, donate some clothing, and get rid of a bit of clutter. This picture is from Real Simple from an article about cleaning a bedroom and I just LOVE this bed frame.

I hope you guys/gals all enjoy your weekend. A friend from college is coming into town on Saturday evening which I'm really looking forward to. I plan on hitting up the Hell's Kitchen Flea market to check out some antique vases. Any plans? Interior design plans? Have a good time and I promise next week I'll be back in the blogging swing.

Alicia B.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Judgment Time: Hotel Edition

Judging things, interiors especially, is one of my favorite things to do. As I mentioned last Thursday, I went to a friend down to Puerto Rico for some much needed relaxation and sun. The hotel was great, luxurious, etc but a lot of the decor was a tad...much. The lobby was incredible and had a really great Spanish influence with a modern touch. The room that we stayed in--well let's just say, I wouldn't have designed it that way. Check it out:

Cougars were everywhere. Like this chick except 20 years older.

Okay back to the decor. This is an example of our bedroom. I get that they were trying to make it modern and fresh looking but I found it aggressive and not relaxing.

I took this picture. Clearly it was taken at night. I just think that the white was too white and the oranges were too feisty.

I guess they tried to add green to the color scheme to this orange/yellow/white room.

I liked the bathroom decor much better. It was modern, yes, but felt very tropical and fresh.

There was a huge casino here too so there was a bit of a Vegas flair with lots of drama. OKay I've never been to Vegas so I'm just guessing, but...

This chandeleir with lots of bit glass hanging from it was pretty dramatic. It was the centerpeice over one of three bars--this one in the center of the room.

These bar stools at this center bar were pretty with some fun gold scroll work on the back. Do you see the zebra fur ottomans?? They were HOTT (with 2 t's) in person.

Now we move to the pool which was really just a gateway to the gorgeous beach. I took this picture. There were lots of different places to sunbath (or burn like moi).

This is one of 3 pools...this one had a bar in the middle. I've taken quite a liking to pina coladas btw.

So I really snarked on the design of the guest room we stayed in but we had SUCH a fun time. I know my favorite part was the pool area though. That was the whole point of the vacation too, to relax in the sun. Here is the website of the hotel where you can check out more pictures of the aggressive rooms and the cougars at the bar (I'm not one of them)!

Alicia B.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday Faves a bit early.

Though it is only Thursday, I thought I'd give you a little taste of a Friday Fave because I'll be on vaca as! I'm on my way down to sunny Puerto Rico for a much needed mini break with a friend of mine. I'm pretty jazzed for the sun and relaxation and don't worry I'll take plenty of pictures of the hotel so that we can all pick it apart or love on it design-wise!

I've always loved this image, a room designed by Gauthier Stacy. I was helping my soon to be graduated sister determine what her "personal design style" is and we picked out these bed frames as inspiration. I love how even though there is a lot of pattern and color (pink!) going on, the room still feels airy and open.

My photography show at Cosi's in West Hartford Center (Connecticut) is still up and will remain up until April 10th. Please take a minute to stop by and take a look! In honor of the last few weeks I've even lowered the prices a bit. How you like that??

I loved MOST of the latest Elle Decor. This island retreat is a little on the modern side but I love the way this spa like bathroom looks. The tiled walls are so pretty and reflect the light wonderfully. I wonder what it feels like to be in a wooden bath...

Well ya'll, I know it won't be same without me...but try to carry on. The weather on the East Coast is going to be GAWWWGEOUS as well so have some fun this weekend! I'm just so excited to don my sunglasses (SPF45 sunblock) and some sandals to wear to the beach where I'll be from tomorrow on!

Alicia B.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Luck of Good Design

Crane's green willow envelope and Thank You notes HERE. Thank you notes are still important to write and having cute stationary removes all excuses!

Well, good design isn't luck really at all. It's a good eye, experience, good use of color, and all that other jazz, but you all know that. Today is St Patrick's day which means it's going to take me twice as long to walk home today because of all streets that will be crowded with inebriated post collegiates yelling things at me or falling down in front of me. Aahhh, kids these days. Though I'm not Irish, I have strawberry blonde hair and very fair skin. I do love the color green and little pots of gold!

A holiday like this one certainly isn't a reason to change your interior to add green elements (unless you're planning a party!), but the fact that green might look nice in a room IS a reason. Jamie Drake used a few different shades of green here in this bedroom. I love the tufted headboard.

This cute watercolor painting is from HERE via etsy. "In the Clover No 4"

There are plenty of amazing green toned fabrics out there. I love this one, Palermo, by Carolina Irving--it comes in a few other colors, too.

Whenever I think of a clever use of the color green, I think of Florence de Dampierre's front door of her home in Litchfield CT. It's really great looking in person, too (I did a drive by about a month ago, okay??).

Chicagoans really get into the spirit and dye the Chicago River green!!! It looks toxic, yes, but what spirit that city has! Good usage of tax dollars?? Hmmm.

I don't' think I really have much green in my apartment except for some green vases here and there, or in a plant. Green, for me, means that spring (and Summer) are here and it's time to open your windows and let some life in! I don't' have plans for St Patty's Day, except to pack my bags because I'm leaving on a small vacation tomorrow! Do you all have plans?? Anyone in Chicago ever see that river turned green?

Alicia B.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Branching out

Alicia B. Designs. I got these gorgeous pussy willow branches at Grace's Market on the Upper East Side.

Spring is the time full of budding branches and flowering trees everywhere. I'm always a fan of bringing nature inside, even though i cant seem to keep any of my plants alive, so adding these large branches is perfect (for me too).

These cherry blossoms are beyond gorgeous and add a sweet pop of pink. Via this fab blog.

This serene sitting room by Suzanne Kasler has a nice flower branch in a vase on top of the mantle. You might say that the painting over the mantle gives you height but it really just provides a nice backdrop for the branches in the vase.

I fell in love with this Parisian apartment by Olivier Gagnere from the latest Elle Decor. Clearly he's not afraid on mixing many different textiles and patterns. I love that high backed chair upholstered in leopard. Check out the green leaves/branches in the vase in front of the mirror.

This is a lovely branch situation that not only adds height, but width and volume. It looks so fresh and peaceful in the light on the console. Eastridge Design.

Not only can you use the branches as a display for a foyer console, but also for a center piece on a table. This is is Jason Wu Studio, designed by Carrier and Co.

These pretty green leaves are sort of like the autumnal version of the cherry blossoms in the vase. By Barbara Westbook in House Beautiful. You can switch up the plant depending on the season.

What a nice simple foyer scene from the latest Veranda. The leafiness of the branch adds much needed life to an otherwise rustic looking interior.

Depending on the plant, or the color of the leaves you can really transform a room or an entryway. Adding plants is NEVER a bad idea and when they die (in my apartment) you can go get more--and different ones!! They add life, height, color and variety so you pretty much can't go wrong.

Alicia B.