Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Tribute to a Design Hero

Sadly, design legend, Albert Hadley passed away yesterday in his home in Tennessee. Mr. Hadley is a legend in the industry and was a true gentleman. His style was timeless but also cutting edge even a few years ago before he retired. Below is a design he created in the 1970s but could easily be from right now.

I remember when I first met Mr. Hadley when I started working at Ann-Morris Antiques. He was very understated and never talked down to me as a novice sales girl just out of college.

Next, when I was working at Vaughan, he remembered me and started working with me whenever he came in. I felt so honored.

I'm always inspired by Mr. Hadley's work. Obviously others are too, and they had a showhouse in honor of him a few years ago. This is Thomas Jayne's tribute.

Thank you Mr. Hadley for your continuing inspiration and amazing spirit. Have an amazing day everyone and take a look at some more of his work. Not much beige to be found--his designs were full of color, vibrancy and pattern.

Alicia B.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cinnamon Swirl Heaven carbs. Someone told me that carbs are bad but I say that anything is okay for you in moderation . This brings me to my story about how I made Cinnamon Swirl Bread today! I got the recipe from these wonderful deliverers of delicious recipes, Babble Blog (apparently they talk about babies too but I skip over that). Click on the link above for a proper recipe.

Stir together in your Kitchen Aid mixer the flour, yeast, water, oil, honey (yes), and salt. Mix it around for about 10 mins.

Roll out on your handy baking sheet with a light layer of flour. At the same time, kneed the dough a few times and wrap up it up in cellophane until it doubles in size.

On your baking sheet, roll out the dough in a strip at the same width as the bread pan.

Mix up (the delicious part), the sugar, cinnamon, and 1 egg yolk.

Spread it all out evenly on your long dough strip.

This part is super fun. Roll up the dough pretty tightly and pinch the edges so the sugar mixture doesn't fall out. I rolled mine a lot so that you can have lots of cinnamon in every bite!

Put the roll in your bread pan with the end of the roll on the bottom of the pan. Then leave it in there with a tea towel over it until it doubles in size.

WOW. This bread is going to be so good.

With the oven preheating at 350 degrees, put the dough in for about 20-30 mins. Doesn't this kind of look like a covered wagon on the Oregon Trail?

Take it out and GENTLY pop it out of the pan and let it cool for 20 mins. Then you get to EAT IT.

After I enjoyed a slice (OKAY 2) of my freshly baked bread, I headed off to the last day of the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. It was awesome and I'll give you an update of my faves in the next few days. Have a great week!

Alicia B.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Green = Warm Weather Approaching

I think maybe once a year I do a post on how the color green makes me feel--especially when the weather starts to warm up. As you may know, green is all the rage right now (see the latest House Beautiful). The weather is certainly an inspiration, but green is everywhere: fashion, design...well I guess that's it.

This is from Madewell's spring Look Book. I love the casual look of the belted dress with low suede boots and a scarf.

This would be for the prep in me (which is most of me). Bright colors just mean warm weather! From Kate Spade. Speaking of Kate Spade, how obsessed are you with the Florence Broadhurst theme they are doing? Read more about her HERE.

The treatment of the walls in this bathroom is so beautiful and washed out. I'm especially loving the fact that Carrier and Co put the sink in front of a window but then to solve the vanity problem hung a mirror in front. The light that comes in is beautiful.

Speaking of light, Meg Braff designed this sweet light green sitting room with a monochromatic palette on the walls and upholstery.

Here is another green wall in grass cloth wallpaper. Look at all the plaid and checks in this image--amazing. By Wells and Fox.

John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon are always showing us the most fun bright designs out there. On their new site Madcap Cottage I found this burst of green--what a difference that slipper chair makes in this picture.

From working HERE for a little over a year right after college, I love bobbin chairs. This one upholstered in a green and white fabric is very charming against the aqua green backdrop. Taylor Interior Design.

I really just want a house in Connecticut in the country (with a pool and tennis court) with a breezy open feeling and pretty Sister Parish green fabrics floating around. Is that too much to ask? Actually I just selected a bright green lampshade for a project we're doing and its going to be super springy and happy. How about you all--are you feeling green?

Happy Friday!

Alicia B.