Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Faves

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This week I went from wearing wool sweaters to flip flops, and now this weekend is going to be Summer weather! If you know me, you know I'd rather be in a sundress and flip flops than anything else so let's just say I'm excited. I've been rather lonely without my sister here (to clutter up my apartment), but I've been super busy anyway. Class, studying for my final next week (HAH), and making pillows!

This warm weather makes me wish I had a beach house or a house out in the country. My parents house in CT is sort of like that, I suppose. I love the wood floors in this country house in upstate New York. Isn't the light that floods into the next room amazing? Gil Schafer.

Here is one of the pillows that I sewed last night. I love the soft green color of t he vines in the fabric. The back of it is a soft natural linen fabric.

Do you like this fabric?

Horses are everywhere lately in design. How cute is this little Jonathan Adler ceramic horse sculpture? I'm so excited to be going to a Derby Party this Saturday. I love the Derby so much and I've only gotten into it in the last 4 years, since I moved to New York. My family and bf all choose a horse solely based on the names. It's tres fun.

Any weekend plans? Which horse do you have your bet on? I'm going for Awesome Act. It's all about the power of positive thinking, right? If you have a positive name like that, he's bound to win!

Alicia B.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thursday Give-away: Simply Bags

Today's give away is right up my alley. Simply Bags is a cute company that sells...BAGS. They sell pretty much any kind of bag: from totes to animal print bags to diaper bags. The giveaway bag is this great nautical style tote bag. You all know how much I love nautical motifs so my jealousy of the potential winner certainly is rising. This bag is perfect for a picnic trip the the park, or an afternoon at the beach. It's a great size for a beach towel or in my case, a big blanket to bring to Central Park!
The winner can have it embroidered with their name or company (maximum 12 letters). I will randomly select the winner from

To win the Stylish Tote bag, you must be in the lower 48 states of the U S of A. No anonymous entries will be counted. If you don't have a blog, please leave your email so I can contact you if you win!! Please leave a comment to enter the contest and tell me where you'd be taking this awesome bag. It's just in time for Summer!

The contest ends on Tuesday at 5 PM. Good luck!!

Alicia B.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nine By Design: Episode 3

Tuesday night was a FAB night for tv. I normally don't watch a lot of tv but Glee was incredible and 9 by Design gets better and better with every episode. I'm so in love with this family; they are quite endearing.

IN this episode the Novagratz's were challenged to design a gym in Hoboken for wrestlers (HAHA) and basketball players for only 50 grand (BAHAHA). They manage to convince the developer to up the budget, phew.

The other thing going on is Major's baptism. The newest member of the family, Major, is so insanely adorable. Each baptism has taken place in a different home and they seem to get bigger and bigger (about 200 people!?). Suzanne Vega even sang a song for them! VIDEO HERE. It's SO cute!

I loved "going shopping" with Bob. He loves to shop vintage and he took his cutie little son Breaker with him. They bought Courtney a cross necklace which she super loved! So sweet.

Back to the design. The main problem with the gym is the tacky bar in the kitchen (watch the video HERE). They end up trashing and opening up the space, and putting in a pastel Smeg fridge, this fabulous purple geometric wallpaper, and some cowhide rugs.

In the gym area, they designed a space with vintage gym equipment, large metal letters on the wall, and oversized blown up vintage wrestling photographs. It was VERY well received and was really incredible.

Did you guys watch the episode? What do you think?

Alicia B.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Well Played, Town & Country

Everyone's seen the big news. I think Town and Country made a genius move hiring Stephen Drucker. I've always adored him, then I met him and my adoration only grew. He's a real gentleman and I love his positive attitude and commitment to innovative design. So Mr. Drucker will be moving from House Beautiful to Town and Country, and while I'll of course still be a subscriber to HB, they've just gained one more subscriber at T & C.
I've purchased the magazine from time to time when something in it interested me but I just know that Stephen Drucker will do great things with it (not that it's not already great). They have lovely spreads of delicious fragrances.

I picked up a copy of it over the weekend and it just happened to be the Home Issue! There SO MANY great articles featuring great homes and great designers. Here is a page of design trends!

They even managed to endear me to Swarovski crystal designer, Nadja Swarovski and her family. A little overboard on the zebra but I still like it and I love these adorable pink paisley pillows up on the sofa.

My favorite spread in the May Issue was the Michael Smith home that he designed for his friend Katherine Chez. Michael smith managed to make a 625 square foot living room seem cozy and the tiny bedrooms seem large but the whole home is cohesive and comfortable. Note the swoon worthy de Gournay wallpaper in the dining room which is also in the bedroom.

This is part of the living room. I'm enamored with the Beauvais carpet and the french doors leading to the hall. Notice how the lantern in the hall reflects the dining room table.

Yes, those are my fingers (and chipped nail polish) to the left. This aaaamazing hall with the most beautiful salmon pink painted walls is designed by Gil Schaefer.

The other incredible spread that caught my eye was the home that Katie Ridder designed for her parents. She designed their 4th or 5th home; this time on the Coast of California. She infused her signature classic style with an Eastern influence into this home set on a golf course.

Sorry for the icky pictures (except for the hot one above), but I don't have a scanner so I had to photograph them my digital camera. I've read this issue cover to cover twice and I'm not embarrassed. Anyway, my point is that I adore Stephen Drucker and I think he'll be great at Town and Country. I also think Newell Turner is going to be great at House Beautiful. What do you guys think? Are you in? I just sent in my subscription card for Town and Country--so excited!

PS- There will be a giveaway later this week! It's going to be great!!

Alicia B.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friday Faves

YAY, It's Friday. I won't be at work today but I'll certainly be thinking of all things design, as always! This week is basically Earth week as Earth Day was yesterday. My way of showing that I'm a nice person and love nature and earth is by photographing it. One of my favorite things to photograph is water. Above is clouds reflected in Twin Lakes in CT which can be found HERE.

Another great way to "be green" is to purchase antiques! You're basically recycling, am I right? I love antiquing, thrifting, and repurposing old things. Being green while saving some green! From House Beautiful.

I REALLY want these shoes, though I will def be opting for something like THIS. Someday I'll get these $775 ones. Some. Day.

I'd really love to be here this weekend but I'll be skipping between NYC and NH (New Haven) with my sister (the one who ran the marathon!). This amazing place HERE.

Have a lovely weekend, recycle (duh), and enjoy the nice weather. I'll be pretty busy with my sister but I'd love to head on over to the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, sew some pillows, and paint my blue dresser, yellow! We'll see how much of that actually happens. Tell me your plans!

Alicia B.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pagodas: a motif I'm into.

Design motifs are basically our favorite things transformed into decorative objects, fabrics, wall coverings etc. These days we love ginger jars and zebra print. While I love those things too, I REALLY love pagodas. They are a classic Asian motif which can make a room fun and chic. Check out how these designers use them.

Mary McDonald took the pagoda to a whole other level when she mimicked the shape here in this upholstered headboard. As you can see, this Asian motif continues on the chocolate wall too.

Here are more pagodas adding height to a room buy placing white painted ones atop this cute white armoir. Love the stuffed animals too. Mary McDonald.

Placing decorative objects on display such as on a coffee or console table is important. Should they be books? a plant? Or two pagodas on either side of a plant like this by Ruthie Sommers.

Meg Braff does the same sort of thing with two white washed pagodas in this absolutely beautiful blue and white living room. I love the symmetry in this unpredictably two tone room.

I love all the asian motifs in this room: faux bamboo coffee table, the blue and white ceramic lamps and especially the pagoda lanterns. This room filled with fabulous textiles and furniture would be breathtaking even without them, but they seem to compliment everything and add a fun punch to the wall. By Alex Papachristidis.

For only $9285 you can have this bold pagoda cabinet. Found it HERE.

Etsy is always full of fun finds. This pagoda throw pillow sells for $55 at Decorative Instincts on Etsy.

Charlotte Moss loves the pagoda so much that she made it part of her letterhead. Great taste comes naturally to Charlotte Moss.

I'd love to get buy some pretty fabric with a pagoda on it and make some pillows. I found some traditional Asian toile fabrics online but I didn't love any of them. I found this fabric line Pagoda at Thibaut HERE. Or, this really cute whimsical with a tinge of cartoon fabric for only $24 a yard at warm biscuit.

Alicia B.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nine By Design: Episode 2

I'm so sorry that I never posted about the first episode of 9 by Design on Bravo but here I am for Episode Two! I have to say I really love this show. Most reality show are all about how rude or mean/dysfunctional you can be but this family is so real and absolutely hilarious! The kids are relatively normal kids and Courtney and Bob Novogratz are really a practical couple.

They are amazingly creative, for one thing. IN this episode they move into an old sex club! Talk about taking on a challenge, but this house is incredibly unique so of course they couldn't pass it up. The house boasts a basketball court, movie theatre, huge windows, and great views of the Hudson!

This is Courtney and the contractor climbing the stairs. She said that they love to make the stairs the statement of the home. Mission accomplished, I'd say. SEE BELOW.

These stairs look sleek and gorgeous! Look down at how many floors this is.

I love this queen stamp artwork that Courtney installed over her tub. This looks so relaxing.

Robert bought this really cool desk by Zaha Hadid which looks amazing in this bedroom. The contractors and workmen were making fun of him for buying such a large piece of furniture.

They also have a great sense of humor. Check out this video of a REALLY MEAN April Fool's joke that they pulled on the family. The best part is when they tell Bob it's a joke and he calls them all animals. HILAIR. Have you guys watched the show? What do you think? DISCUSS!

Alicia B.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday Faves

I took this last spring in Central Park while lying down on a blanket relaxing in the sun.

I do apologize for being a tad stingy on the postings. I've been really busy of late so thanks for understanding. I do enjoy posting the gorgeous interiors that I post, but I have to remind myself that the blog is for fun. Balance in all things, right? Now, on to the good stuff: it's Friday!

After I complete my country house in CT, I'd like to build a home out in Wyoming with a view like this (with mountains though). I love the openness of the room onto the balcony. From Living Etc.

My bf, an international man of mystery, is going to Paris and Germany this week for work. I haven't been to Paris in YEARS--since I visited my older sister when she lived there. I'd love to go back. This picture is NOT me, but was taking in the charmant Tuilerie Gardens, one of my favorite places in Paris. Via this talented fellow.

Did you hear about the amazing sale going on at the Container Store? One of my D & D friends gave me this brocade metal file bin which I really really needed to house my new Lilly Pulitzer file folders.

I won't be doing anything remotely related to any of the above activities/things. I'm going to CT, and then up to Boston to cheer on my sister in the Boston Marathon. I think she's run about 4 marathons by now and I'm so impressed/proud of her! Is anyone running in the Boston Marathon this weekend? What are your weekend plans? Perhaps some spring cleaning indoors because of all this rain? Or maybe plant a tiny garden because of the rain? Whatever you do, have a great, creative, and happy weekend!

Alicia B.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blueberries and Raspberries

One of my best friends is getting married this summer and she mentioned that she liked blue and fuchsia as her wedding colors. I thought that sounded like a great idea because it reminded me of blueberries and raspberries. Besides strawberries, those two fruits are nearly the REASON for summer. Anyway, I was thinking about it, and wanted to see how this could be applied to interior design. Everything in my life revolves around interior design anyway, so lets check it out!

I'm not sure I'd be able to read as calmly as these children in this room. That wall color makes me want to play, not work. It's such a fun color with the much more subdued blue coffee table and x-based bench. By Eddie Ross.

Melissa Rufty, whom I discovered thanks to La Dolce Vita, may be one of my new favorite designers. I love her use of color and pattern. Really fabulous.

Masucco Warner Miller is ALL over the place right now; which is great! This is a child's room but I love its playful sophistication. The blue is very blue and the raspberry is well placed.

Kate and Andy Spade's shakey spread in the NY Times was inspiring from an interior design standpoint (only). This blue leather desk chair is a welcome contrast on that bright colored wall. I love that photograph above the desk. Creepy, no?

Diamond Baratta always delivers when in comes to color. I know this room is primarily a blueberry, but the flowers are so beautiful and add a punch of contrast.

A bedspread is a great place to start because you can easily switch it out whenever you feel like it. I love the laptop on the pink pouf and cotton candy blue lamp though. Living etc.

Ooo glamorous and romantic. Plus there's a MacBook so you know this person has great taste. Note the color combo but also all the different textures--very pretty. From Living Etc.

Angie Hranowsky really knows how to get me! A zebra pelt on the floor, a really beautiful pendant over the table, and french doors out to an enticing terrace. Though she didn't use MUCH of the two colors we have in mind here, they certainly make enough of a point.

I really wish I had a window to look out of while I'm at my desk. I have lovely pictures and an inspirational poem which is sometimes just as nice. The blue on the seat cushion sort of reminds me of those blueberries with a little white frost over them right before you touch them, no? Designed by Joe Nye.

I'm not sure what it is but something about this color combo is making me think Summer. Perhaps because is reminds me of seasonal fruits? Possibly. I love this color combo so I know my friend's wedding is going to be gorgeous. Plus, I'm a bridesmaid so she's all set!

Alicia B.