Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Relax, I mean outdoor swings! Recently, for a client's kids basement play room I selected the Dedon Nest (above).  The nest is a cozy little space full of pillows and great for kids.  It can rest on the floor or hang suspended from the ceiling, a porch beam, or a tree outside.  Even though it's snowing in some parts of the country, it's time to start thinking about updating your outdoor spaces with something fun...like a swing!

A sculptural style swing in this romantic outdoor setting is a very beautiful option.  It looks like it belongs outside in nature.

This I found on Raina's Blog, a funky swing hangs in the lounge area on an indoor/outdoor pool.  How sublime.

For a less expensive option than the Dedon or an antique, there are many cute options on Ebay. This one looks like a little cocoon.

This is a simple wicker options with colorful pillows added.  I definitely encourage the addition of colorful pillows.

Serena and Lily always comes up with something cute, and this rattan swing is no exception. This is also a great option on a lower budget. Now all I need is a tree and some grass.

This one is from Kettal and comes in ivory, brown, and a combination of the 2--and can be hung from a tree too!

If you don't have much space or if you just have a teeny tiny backyard, a swing would be a stylin and fun addition to your outdoor space.  Also, probably a safer version of a tree house, too. The Dedon Nest is a good option for a few people and the other swings could be another seating option with a small sofa and some chairs.  Do you have a swing like this??

Alicia B.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Holland & Sherry Bespoke Opens!

Image from NY Magazine
One of my favorite places to shop for clients is fabric house, Holland &  Sherry.  They have exquisite textiles, the quality is unparalleled, and they carry many of the best lines.  Now they are opening a bespoke retail store in Soho on Elizabeth Street!  

This is the first room with a custom made black, grey and white wide-checked rug, tartan plaid upholstered wallsand different high end accessories

Shaving creams, colognes, and other manly items sit in this area.

This is a gorgeous bar accessory set with a martini shaker.  To the left is one of the many lamps around the shop with Holland and Sherry lampshades.

This room is full of fabrics, hats, beautifully upholstered pieces, and other household linen accessories. 

I love this soft grey bag with light mustard leather straps.  This is just one of many beautiful bags that they sell.

A fluffy pile of cotton/ linen napkins sits on a table in one of the corners.
I would love to redesign my bed using all these linens for my "country house".  Look at the detailing on these!

As a lover of lighting, this little lamp definitely caught my eye.  The lampshade just makes it.

The store itself is airy yet comfortable.  There is a huge skylight in the second room which lights the linens perfectly.  Take a look at this article written by a girl I went to grade school and prep school with from NY Magazine (woo!!).  Holland and Sherry Bespoke is a store with a lot of classics--not your trendy-OMG-a-chevron-pattern type of place.  Clearly, I'm a fan.  What do you think??  BTW, the room shots were from here and the other shots, I took.

Alicia B.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nursery Fabrics from Lulu DK!

I love elephants and these multi colored marching elephants are so much fun and probably endlessly amusing to a baby.
I've always loved Lulu DK's fabrics; they are playful and colorful.  She recently came out with her Lulu DK Child line at Schumacher and I'm most impressed (okay I'm obsessed).  They are packed full of color and are not your typical child inspired fabrics.  My older sister just had her first child and I became an aunt (he's SO CUTE and we all love him)!  I've been paying more attention to baby everything because of this--clothing, accessories, fabrics, etc!  

As a Matisse lover, I'm drawn to this fabric which is conveniently called Ode to Matisse.

I also loves skittles and this one is called...Skittles! 

Beautiful drawn flowers and squiggles is called Lollipop.

Though I've shown you mostly blue and green fabrics, Lulu DK offers them in a pink version too! 

Butterflies are a great baby motif.  The colors in this one are great--there is so much movement in this fabric.  Below I designed a little room for my sweet little nephew around the Ode to Matisse fabric. 

I love the bright blues and greens mixed together.  A comfy Serena and Lily chair would sit on the Dash and Albert striped rug and I threw in the cute little elephant pouf.  I wanted to keep the wall color white but paint the ceiling a soft blue.  What do you think??  Find more of my sources HERE on my Pinterest Board. Have a fun colorful Saturday!

Alicia B.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Boot Room

The ultimate boot room.
Most people have a mud room or have heard the term "mud room" but have you heard of a boot room?  Well, you have now. I was reading the Financial Times (as usual), when I came across a great article about the phenomenon of boot rooms coming back.  A "boot room" originates in the UK from the football teams that used to discuss strategy and maybe grab a beer after the match with their mates.  It's basically a British version of the ever dreaded "Man Cave".  I hate that term and I think boot room is much better and more civilized.

The perfect lighting for a boot room, there is adequate space for your many pairs of Hunters, a bench and all the jackets you can imagine.

A clean a crisp white paneled room complete with firewood storage.

I am a huge fan of the white painted paneled ceiling and an informal seating area in this narrow yet gracious boot room.

Boots?  Check. Room for a dog?  Check.  Old fashioned broom?  CHECK.
This is the room that inspired the post--by David Hicks.  A very masculine yet inviting room fully equipped with boots, hats, seating, sports equipment, and nice things to look at.

More paneling...seeing a theme?  I think that boot rooms are mostly meant for those with country houses. Ahh, a life of leisure.

It has since evolved into a overall equipment room and can be used by more than just footballers. I just specified this for a client--it's from Wisteria and so practical yet very handsome.

I love the idea of a boot room, as you may have guessed.  My husband and I could really use one to house our tennis and squash racquets, various pairs of sneakers, hats, and a set of golf clubs I wish I owned.  According to the article I read, the boot room is making a come back.  I wish that developers in NYC thought the same...

Alicia B.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Chicks

I had a little bit of fun on Easter with my Dad's new camera that he just got for his birthday. The Easter Bunny filled our baskets with yummy stuff and I also got this little fuzzy chick. Needless to say, he went on a little adventure around our house...things happened. Or as my Dad would say, "Mistakes were made."

Piano Man Chick

Camouflage Chick

Chick in a Cookie Jar

Chick with His Bros

Sunday Styles Chick

Chick and a Bunny

Muscle Milk Chick

Chick and Bear are Friends

Chick on a Zoom Lens

Smoking Chick

Chick in a Nest

Chick on the Slide

Face Plant Chick

Swinger Chick

Chick is Tired and Just Wants to Kick Back with a Glass of Red Wine Chick

Chick and I had a great Easter and I hope you did too. Hope you enjoyed his little adventure!

Alicia B.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Green Easter

Happy Easter everyone! This is the first Easter in a while that isn't 40 degrees and raining (yet at least) and I'm enjoying the green, the daffodils blooming and spring everywhere. My husband and I are upholding my family's tradition of doing the Easter Egg Hunt until we're senile.

Thornton Design created this charming dining room with gorgeous hand painted wallpaper and pretty ebonized dining chairs. This room looks like spring.

Veranda Magazine had an amazing estate showhouse and I love this green upholstery on the outdoor chairs. Love the green throw too.

Green walls are my favorite. I found this amazing watercolor on the Sister Parish website.

This room with a little fern design on the bedding reminds me of my future country house. Its so airy but cozy. Eddie Ross.

I hope you all have an amazing Easter, or just a lovely Sunday. I'm determined to win the egg hung this year (I will be competing with my husband) even though i'm notoriously bad at it. Wish me luck and enjoy the green pastel interiors!

Alicia B.