Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Roasting Chestnuts over Sandy's Fire

I consider myself extremely lucky to have not been effected by Hurricane Sandy.  We did not lose power, it barely rained, and there was no flooding.  The only thing I can't do, is get to work up in Connecticut because of the flooded tracks.  My little sister, however, is staying with us as she has been...displaced from her apartment down town.  I'm at home all day while my husband and sister go out and earn the bread up in this joint.  So today I slaved away and made roasted chestnuts...and apple pie for my hard little workers!!  Check out my chestnuts.  

I bought 2 pounds of these bad boys at Food Emporium.  

I got this awesome chestnut roasting pan from one of my best friends for my wedding.  I'm not sure why the holes are there but they must serve a purpose.  My mom said that she had a nightmare experience when she roasted chestnuts in a pan without holes.  

It's important to slice a line through each chestnut, though I'd slice an X so that they open easier.  

Be careful while slicing them.  Don't be an animal with the knife like I was.  
Load the pan up with as many chestnuts as you'd like and slip them into the preheated oven (350 degrees) for about 20 mins.  

And there you have it!  Yummy meaty warm roasted chestnuts for you to enjoy on a cold autumn day. 
I've wanted to make slash enjoy roasted chestnuts ever since I spent the fall in Florence and enjoyed roasted chestnuts on the streets shopping around and having the best time of my life (except for every day of marriage to my husband so far!).  Its pretty easy but if you feel you need a recipe, this one from from Martha is doable.  How is everybody doing!?  I hope all my readers and their families are safe and sound!!

Alicia B.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Cabin Fever

Thom Filicia's newly published cottage up in upstate NY.  Panelled walls, cozy sofas and blankets, and a stone fireplace make me want to escape NYC right now.

As is most of the Northeast right now, I'm trapped indoors due to Hurricane Sandy.  I have my refugee sister from Zone A (Battery Park City) staying with us and after what seems like days of Storm Sandy Watch, we all have cabin fever...and it hasn't even been a day yet.  In order to amuse myself, I'm going to blog it up with some fun cabins and cottages.  See what I did there...cabin fever?  YEAH.

Nothing sets an autumnal mood like plaid upholstery.  And as trendy as they seem I still love a good animal hide throw.  Dransfield and Ross (hot).

Antlers collection!  And I'm DYING in love with that table.  Spectac!  Also, amazing hide throw.

I'm really obsessed with navy blue walls right now paired with accents of creamy whites and brass.   In our imaginary guest room I'm thinking of painting the walls navy blue--too extreme?  This is from Lonny. 

I can't even count how many times I've posted on this room.  This is Bunny Williams's cottage up in Litchfield County.  Look at al the fantastic details in this beautifully decorated room.  Every piece was chosen with purpose, not just clutter.  

Here is a simple moment in a library from Martha Stewart's Lily Pond Lane home.  The yellow on that chair is warm and inviting looking.  

Exposed beams also give a cabin type look.  Too bad our mod NYC apartment doesn't sport exposed beams.  Lame.  By Shawn Henderson. 

Hudson Bay blankets, so hot right now, make up the uber high draperies on this windows for this Michigan cabin. Totally cottage chic.  From Country Living.

What are you guys in NYC/LI/CT doing to amuse yourselves today?  Are you all "hunkered down" today as they keep advising on the news?  Watching TV? Reading  I haven't quite gotten that desperate yet.  (Just kidding, reading is awesome).  Hope you all are staying safe!!

Alicia B. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Bedroomy Post

At my fabulous new job, we do so many amazing new projects and one of them is upholstering walls!  Not the typical wall to wall floral upholstered fabric wall but a super chic upholstered accent wall.  We have designed two upholstered walls so far and they are so much fun!  

Large squares of grey suede make up this upholstered wall with over scaled sconces.  This looks cozy but I would have chosen a paler grey.

There is lots of layering going on here with a framed out upholstered section--really brings your eye up to the high ceilings.  

This headboard is SUPER fun but also very busy and the wall behind it is simple without being boring.

Not a huge fan of purple, this room is still pretty--and I love the art.  Wide sections  on the upholstered wall really expand the space, right? By Noel Jeffrey. 

Upholstered Walls aren't limited to just bedrooms.  This pale olive one is in a dining room is spectacular in this  side banquette.  

Here is a little seating nook--the upholstery makes the space its only little room. 

This nailhead treatment in the leather is phenomenal in this little framed out seating nook.  LOVE. 

I've always loved funky headboards, or super tall ones, and I love the idea of using an upholstery treatment in place of a headboard, or a sofa back.  You have the chance to go super funky, or pop some color into a room.  I don't think I'll have the chance to do this in my own home anytime soon, but designing them for others is just as fun.  

Alicia B.