Wednesday, March 20, 2013

French Mattress Obsession

I've always loved the look of a french mattress pillow but I'm pretty obsessed right now.  We just did a modified French mattress on an antique Chinese bed and the thickness of the mattress looked amazing.  They are characterized by a thick height of about 3-5 inches with a very thick welt and tufting on the top. 

On the right a striped French mattress sits on the window seat in this hallway. From Carrier & Co. 

A chic farmhouse can have a fabulous French mattress day bed to make the room look relaxed but elegant. David Michael Miller. 

Another comfy cozy window seat has a light emerald green French mattress. Hot Steven Gambrel

Another room here from Carrier & Co. (love them), this French mattress makes this sweet chair and ottoman a little bit jazzier. 

Furniture designer, Dmitry, makes this AMAZEVILLE day bed.  LOVE. 

Another day bed with a French mattress.
I can't wait for the day that I can have a French mattress of my own.  My older sister is moving to a new house and maybe I should convince her to do a fabulous French mattress in the family room, or in their master bedroom?  What do ya'll think?  All these bad boys are on my Pinterest

Alicia B. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Before & After: My Living Room

So as you know, I'm not big on sharing a ton of personal stuff, tell all about my life, but I will give you a small vignette into my decorating life.  Here is the before and after of our new condo outside the city.  Drum roll...........

BEFORE (previous owners): 

This was the living room when we saw the apartment.  I mean...NOT GOOD. I thankfully saw beyond whatever was happening in this room  ie. a design murder on the eyes. 

This was the Dining Room which you can see PART of from my shots.  Also, not attractive.

We added some recessed lighting, repainted the walls and the ceilings ourselves (that's right).

And then we had the floors redone because they were...yellow. We had them stained a coffee brown and left them unpolished, but with a matte wax finish.

Ta Da!  We painted the walls Ben Moore Titanium, added a larger sofa, raised the drapery rod plus new drapery panels, and styled the bookcases

Here is our awesome linen sofa with some fur pillows and two other pillows that I made!

Here is the other view of the room looking into the dining room and the front hall. That is a peek into the hall, which we wallpapered!  A demi lune console table will go below the sunburst mirror.  

This is a real Danish Modern chair (my dad had it in college's...vintage.  Sorry Dad!) and I had the Naugahyde taken off and replaced with a white linen.  I made that pillow too from a Clarence House sample. 

Our media stand.  Not styled to the max but this is pretty good.  

Some of the styling magic that took place in the bookcases.  I have too many design books to fit in one bookcase and I bought those antique brackets at a shop in the city.
We read other books too...sometimes.  I bought that brass elephant at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market!
Well, there you have it folks.  That was our living room.  If you have questions about anything, where I got things, or if by chance you'd like ME to help YOU make your place look like this, feel free to contact me at  The only thing we need to start on next is ART.  Feel free to send some (affordable) suggestions my way.  But over all, what do you think??  I'm dying for feedback!

Alicia B. 

PS--Up next is the Dining Room!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wood Tiles: Obsessed

Yesterday I went to approve some marble slabs at our stone place (I know, its boring but it's part of my life) and I saw the coolest looking tiles.  Wood Porcelain Tile.  It has the look and softness of wood but it's super durable and eco friendly. 

I saw it in a grey weathered look but through research it can come in a deep rich brown stain as well. Not as good looking but obviously it depends on the space.  It's used here on the wall as well as the floor--STUNNING. 

Also, for exterior use for a clean looking deck.  

Here are some in a stained wood color in this bathroom.  I actually like this bathroom but the drapery looks like highwaters.  

Here is the old farmhouse look with distressed blue paint on them.  I don't love the paint for myself but I like the idea of a distressed wood tile. 

In this modern space they use the grey tiles in a chevron pattern.  Fabulous.
I'm pretty into the look, what do you think?  It's a versatile look for a clean and modern space or for a chic farmhouse.  Another one of our clients is going to use this in their entryway as well.

Alicia B. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Anticipation Sale!

Spring is coming, I can feel it.  I know a huge storm is going to hit the east coast but all I can think of is warm weather and not wearing two sweaters all the time.  In honor of the coming of spring, I want to share with you all a fabulous sale!! These items are near and dear to my heart since I used them at my wedding (best day ever) but it's time to let them live a new life.  

Here is an example of a simple tablescape you could acheive if you would like. 

Each vase is unique and is hobnail milk glass.  

I have 4 of these 90" round table cloths, and 2 of them in a broader stripe as the napkin below. They fit a 60" round table.  

Silverware is not for sale but the napkins are!  I have 17 of these napkins left. 

A pretty trio of vases. 

I also have this gorgeous bowl available in the center.  

And a basket.  Perfect for Easter actually! 

Milk Glass Vases--$10 each
Hobnail Basket--$12
Milk Glass Bowl--$12
4 Thin Stripe Blue & White table cloths for a 60" Round table--$10 each
2 Wide Stripe Blue & White Tablecloths for a 60" Round table--$10 Each
17 Wide Stripe Blue & White Nabkins--$5 each or $50 for all of them

So if you're interested (how could you not be!?) email me aliciabdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com and we can set up some pay pal situation and make this happen!  I'll keep everything at this price until March 14th (my husband's birthday!) and after that the prices will go back to normal.  Get at it while it's hot!  Please email me for more info or if you have questions--if you buy a lot I can be flexible on price.  Also, if you're into STUFF like I am, see more at my Etsy Shop HERE

Alicia B.