Friday, January 28, 2011

Have we had enough snow?

Photo courtesy of my Dad.

This is quite similar to my commute down to Tribeca yesterday. We've had a lot of snow this season in NYC (understatement). Here are some fun accessories to help you get through this hard time in our lives called Winter.

DVF has the greatest winter accessories. This is the modern cool girl version of the dorky 90's turtle fur neck-warmer; a snood. The Alyssa Snood.

I'm almost always cold so these cute cable knit arm warmers would be great! Roxy Arm warmers from DVF.

After ruining a few pair of Uggs, I got these amazing boots made by Sorel. They're like snow boots and Uggs, and rain boots all in one. Not to brag but I've had about 5 people ask me where I got these! You can get them at Zappos for $150.

Marmot makes the cutest and warmest hats. I got one for Christmas with a big pom pom on top and LOVE it. It's kept me warm in all these crazy blizzards. This cute hat is only $32!

And back to interior design...and FUR. I will make a fur throw part of my life if it's the last thing I do. This pic from this awesome lady's blog. I think I'd just sit around and touch this fur all day long.

So are we sick of snow? It seems to just keep piling up here in NYC! At least I don't live near Syracuse anymore, which has had 10' of snow this winter. That's A LOT. I love seeing all the snowmen randomly built on the sidewalks though. Have ya'll had a lot of snow this Winter? We're due in for another mini storm here--get ready.

Alicia B.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

On the Hunt...

I'm in full blown new apartment decorating mode (when I'm not at school, work or packing) and my latest focus is bar stools! I have a real kitchen, finally, and need bar stools. Sounds simple right? Have you ever looked for bar stools, though? Not so easy; there are some TRULY unattractive bar stools out there. Above, is a stock photo of my new kitchen--let's be clear, I would NEVER choose those stools, but that's the basic look of my kitchen. Take a look at my top picks.

BAHA. Totally kidding. How do you look yourself in the eye selling that chair?? Okay, let's get serious.

I LOVE these from Pottery Barn--they have a beautiful rustic quality and the stain is very rich and nice. The only problem? I want them to have backs on them.

Same issue with these. I love them and they remind me of those stools from art class with an industrial quality, right? No backs a no-go.

Then, I saw THESE French Bistro chairs in House Beautiful and fell in love. Unforch they're about 200 dollars each...I'll have to scout out some on ebay or something. Any suggestions on where to find these for a good price?

Here they are in backless version. I still love them. This is truly one of my favorite kitchens--designed by Nancy Boszhardt.

I also stumbled upon these, Breuer Counter Stools, which took me down memory lane. A family friend had these in their kitchen growing up and I'm oddly drawn to them. Nostalgia, probably. I remember them being very comfortable, though.

So as you can see, it's slim pickins for attractive bar/counter stools. I mean if you want pay $500 for that guitar stool above, I judge you, and please seek help. For everybody else, please help! Any good suggestions? Sources that I'm not aware of? After this hurdle, I have to work on carpets.

Alicia B.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inspo for my New Apartment

As I slyly mentioned before, I'll be moving in two weeks! I'm so excited to get out of this mini apartment and into a similarly mini apartment but with modern amenities like a full sized fridge and a dishwasher! This apartment is much more modern, because the place was built last August and has floor to ceiling windows. I'm trying to go for a more airy open feeling with light colors/neutrals with pops of color (I'm a color girl and I can't change that about myself). I'm really into adding some oriental carpets or a hide throw. Here are some pictures I've been collecting as inspiration. I'm going over to the apartment later today to measure the space and will update you with pictures!

What a lovely entry bench that leads into a beautiful serene but personal room. I wish I could see more of it. Rue Magazine.

Also from Rue Magazine, those are very sweet very simple window treatments--though I'm thinking of going with white linen curtains. I'd probs layer that small rug on something else? Also, I want some exposed beams in the ceiling.

I love the cute quatrefoil table in this bathroom. It's a little "shabby chic" but you see my direction here. Pretty feminine bathrooms are the best.

Though this living room by Darryl Carter has many classical and traditional elements, I love the relaxed quality of it with the neutral colors.

I really wish I had build in bookshelves but my Ikea ones will have to do for now. I'm really into these hide throws and would love to layer one on top of another rug. From Elle Decor.

I def won't have stairs in my new apt but I am OBSESSED with that oriental rug (HATE the coffee table--sors), but mostly love the eclectic look even though I'm not super drawn to each piece separately. Elle Decor

Who can spot the pug first? So cute! I also don't have a fireplace but what a great room! I want that zebra rug (and the pug drawing) and this airy informal feeling. From Lonny.

SWOON. SAH. WOON. I love this entire room. Everything from the wide plank flooring to the tufted sofa to the soaring windows. Elle Decor.

So this is just the beginning. I'm beyond excited to decorate another apartment for myself and for my lovely readers, too! I'll take pics of the empty apartment tomorrow and then we can start shopping! SHOPPING! Oh, did I mention I'm about 2 blocks from the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market? So start looking forward to some trips there and some thrift shops too. It's going to get good.

Alicia B.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

CSN Giveaway Winner!

Number 35, come on down!

Thanks so much to everyone who commented and tweeted--this was a really amazing giveaway, right? Congratulations to...

HomieLoverandFriend who said:

Animal print? Good choice. Please email me so that I can give you the code for the prize. Congrats again!

Alicia B.

Monday, January 10, 2011

New: Interior Connector!

Have you heard of the latest (and super awesome) interior design source website? Interior Connector offers the newest available styles from great and unique stores like Arms & Barnes, Inspired by Rona (design shop by Rona Landman!), and Venfield, among others.

There are great articles about design, trends, and new store spotlights written by a fellow designer friend of mine. I love this because it's a nice break from the usual go-to etsy, west elm, ballard, etc., right? The shops are unique, as are the pieces. Take a look at the site and join right away! If you join before January 14th you might win a prize. Take a look at a few of my favorite few items:
I love these funky chunky drum tables. From Tucker Robbins.

A table made from an architectural piece! LOVE. From Arms & Barnes.

This quatrefoil lamp is gorgeous. From Mis en Scene.

Hit up ASAP and join! What do you think? I love a new fun site to search on for clients and maybe for my new apt...!!!

ALSO--don't forget to enter my giveaway for a $55 gift card to CSN HERE. Or scroll down.

Alicia B.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

$55 CSN Giveaway!

I was on CSN the other day looking for possible new items for my new apartment (we'll discuss that later) and they contacted for a giveaway! How did they know? $55 GIVE AWAY!!

If you didn't know, CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from stylish handbags, to Herman Miller chairs, or great cookware! I'm, of course, interested in their housewares, rugs, and furniture obvi.

These chairs are the ONLY ones you want for a stylin' home office--not one of those clunky Staples ones. Yeah, they're great especially since they're letting me offer a $55 credit to a lucky winner drawn at by Thursday!

Not that I love advocating for other people's pillows, but you could use the $55 to buy some awesome throw pillows!

How do you enter, you ask? One--comment on the blog. Two--mention it on your blog or on Twitter and don't forget to let me know!

So good luck everyone! Rugs, furniture, espresso makers??? CSN literally has everything--they even have Missoni Sheets...too bad I can't enter. So comment away for a chance to win. Also, NO anonymous commenters will be eligible to win. Happy Monday!

Alicia B.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Honeysuckle: The Color of 2011

Last year was turquoise and this year we're onto Honeysuckle; a fun and bright colored pink! I love color so I'm excited about this color for 2011. Here's another resolution for you: bring more pink into your life! Many people shy away from a pink in their homes because it can be seen as unsophisticated and girly but I think that couldn't be further from the truth. Hit it...

I think people are scared of pink sometimes because they're afraid that it won't match with everything else in the room. This room by Amanda Nisbet certainly proves that this isn't so! She has browns in that gorgeous rug and oranges in the drapery and a yellow sofa. This looks incredible without looking like a Lilly Pulitzer dress threw up all over a room (not that that would be bad...).

Ahhh Jamie Drake, my color idol. He uses pink nearly everywhere to make this traditional and geometric bedroom. I adore the pillow cases with a simple pink border and that lamp is gorgeous. It reminds me of Vaughan gourd lamps...

Here is a much brighter pink as the backsplash for this sitting room by Amanda Nisbet. Color in the back of a bookcase is a must.

Nothing is bolder than this. A brilliant pink vintage sofa up against a bright blue wall? I love it. From MFAMB. This feels so fresh and especially with the little pop of yellow flowers off to the right.

Here is a softer version of it with this gorgeous fabric. I wish I knew who made it but it certainly stands out among all the soft neutrals in this space. Photo from Farrow and Ball.

Kathryn Ireland created this stunning fabric filled bedroom with different bright pinks and pink paint up to the chair rail.

This honeysuckle pink throw is used as a table runner on the upholstered ottoman. What a fun rug--is it part of this collection at ABC Carpet? These bright elements help to brighten up an otherwise soft room. Room designed by Deborah Lloyd found in Lonny Mag.

As you know, fashion always follows interior design (they just want to be like us). How adorable is this pink pom pom scarf?! It's from Kate Spade and is hand knitted by a woman in Bosnia as part of their Hand in Hand (created by Deborah Lloyd!) partnership with Women for Women International. A good cause and a cute scarf. Done and done.

I secretly think that Pantone just loved my new background of my blog so they changed it a little and made it color of the year! But seriously, pink, honeysuckle, faded salmon color--whatever you want to call it--is fun and whats the point if something isn't fun and its just "nice"? Agreed? What do you guys think about this choice?

ALSO, bt dubs, I MAY OR MAY NOT be having a give-away coming up so stay on me!

Alicia B.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I. Need. These.

New Years Resolution #1--Trick someone into buying me these shoes. They are Cynthia Vincent and you can get them HERE...for me.

Now I know I said I don't believe in New Years Ressies but in this post you'll find my exception. How cute are these shoes? I don't normally do short posts or posts about clothing but these are too pretty to pass up. I saw these tonight on my way home and almost broke through the glass to get to them.

I'm working on a SUPER fun post to get PSYCHED.

Alicia B.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Milk Glass Inspiration

Wedding planning is beyond fun. It's like mini designing for every single little event. I'm knee deep in designing the rehearsal dinner. I'm envisioning french linens on the tables and milk glass vases with yellow flowers. I've been obsessed with milk glass lately--join me.

The contrast of rustic and smooth glass is so beautiful. Peeling paint is true love to me. Country Living.
These are great on a shelf too! A shelf-scape. I hope to have more bookcases in my new apartment for all of my books and put some pretty vases in it to break it up a little bit.

I love the simple color scheme here of pink and white. It's very pure and easy on the eyes--perfect for a party setting. Country Living.

A collection of like colored items like this looks great together. Even if they are not the same size and shape, the same look and color looks eclectic but cohesive.

Citrus colors and a pretty pile of oranges looks nice and summery in these milk glass pieces. Perfect for our August wedding.

Eddie Ross is a tablescape miracle worker. This gorgeous table with milk glass chargers and candle sticks convinces me further of my original design!

My next step is to collect some pieces of milk glass. I've found a bunch on etsy and some on ebay but I'm really excited to hunt around thrift shops in NYC and up in CT. I love a new project too. Does anybody have any suggestions for places? Here is my inspiration board so far...thoughts?

I said, THOUGHTS??

Alicia B.