Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Custom Cool Rugs=Amazingly Cool

Last week was completely consumed with an installation that we did in Quogue. We had to find the majority of the pieces to complete a home in 2 days. It was a blast, but exhausting. Since we had to find things on short notice, I was able to visit stores in person, one of which was Custom Cool Rugs in Quogue. I had written about the owner's home a few months ago and was delighted to meet her. Eliza Gatfield (the owner) is a very sweet and extremely generous woman and happens to own and operate the most interesting rug store I've ever seen.

The store is a cute shop on the corner of the "main shopping area", if you can call it that, in Quogue. This rug is stunning in person.

Eliza takes Kilims and makes them into bags and pillows, as well. This is one of many adorable displays around the store.

Here is a close up on one of my favorite bags. They look incredibly versatile and durable.

These soft geometric patterns can also be made into rugs. They are subtle and beautiful and work seamlessly in a beach house.

Just a nice moment of some pretty rugs rolled up on a beautiful etagere.

The whole shop has a very youthful vibe but still very sophisticated.

Last but least, of a rug. Blue Ikat in a large scale is incredible. I almost bought a house in the Hamptons JUST for this rug. ALMOST.

Custom Cool can do custom rugs (obvi), they do kilims, runners, bags, chairs, etc and everyone that works there was super nice and accommodating. They are also "GoodWeave Certified" which means they do not support child labor in the countries where they make their rugs and even support opportunities for better education in the area. If you are even anywhere near Quogue you must make a stop here--it is an incredible shop.

Alicia B.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Inappropriate Sofas

A friend of mind is moving into her own apartment and has asked me to assist her in creating a great new space for her. One of the main things she needs is a new sofa and I'm more than happy to help her fine one. She likes a bit more modern feel than I do but I am designing for her, not myself so it's no biggie. We've been looking at some cute sofas and day beds. I came across some really horrifying sofas though. Observe:

Don't get me wrong, I love tufting on an ottoman or on the back of a sofa, but this has seriously gone too far. This is so gross looking I feel like I should look away.

These are from Restoration Hardware's latest collection of sofas. I'm horrified and this is one of many reasons I prefer not to shop there anymore. I understand where they were going with this but, it looks like old dough.

My friend and ex roommate (who is starting her own blog soon!) sent me this scary 80's jeans sofa from the pages of...Pottery Barn. I mean, are you kidding me? This looks like they upholstered a sofa in some acid washed jeans that my 8th grade history teacher wore on a "dress down day" at school.

It also reminds me of when Cindy Crawford tried her hand at designing furniture after she hired Michael Smith to design one of her homes. Again, really?? That was mean but Cindy Crawford is very beautiful (and smart because she hired Michael Smith) but not a designer.

Anyway, we are going to stop by CB2, West Elm, Pottery Barn, NOT Restoration Hardware, and possibly Room and Board. I can't wait until she moves into her new space--I'll show you pictures once it is complete.

Alicia B.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Obsessed with Pleats

Have you guys noticed this in fashion--all these adorable pleated skirts and dresses? I literally can't get enough of them. Pleats are a given in interior design with pleated lampshades, pleated upholstery skirts, and pleated drapery but what I've been seeing are a super intense version of this with a knife or accordion pleat everywhere.

I took this picture in a dress maker's store window in Roma from...our honeymoon! It was one of many swoon worthy moments from the honeymoon...sigh...

When I think of pleated fabric, I think of Bart Halpern, who offers tons of different pleat options. We've used a few of these fabrics in recent projects and they are gorgeous.

Doesn't this take your breathe away? I am speechless at how gorgeous this is. Also, is she making a cape look graceful and beautiful?

Like I said, pleats are in interiors too with this cute pillow from West Elm.

West Elm is getting these pleats. This nautical feeling pillow is from WE also and is in yellow too.

Can I pull off a long skirt? They are chic and comfy looking but am I too short at 5' 4"? This gorgeous lady looks amazing in the long accordion pleated skirt and long sweater.

I love this dress for if I had eloped and gotten married at City Hall. Perfect right? Too late for that though...

This skirt nails it in a rooftop photo shoot paired with a simple white top and belt.

Great for fall or back to school (like yours truly again) a dusty pink pleated skirt!

Are you all feeling the cute pleated skirts and dresses? I love the girly sophistication of them and the movement and motion of them. In terms of the interior design world, I think clean knife or box pleats are the way to go, otherwise you risk going shabby chic mess, which I don't advise. So who wants to buy me a pleated dress? All uncredited pics are from HERE.

Alicia B.