Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Week of Awareness

This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week and I take a annual break from interior design to make you all aware. Eating Disorders are not diets and they are not fads, they are a life threatening disease and addiction. They are more prevalent than you may think and they have the highest mortality rate of any psychological disorder including schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease and yet they are the least recognized.

They not only affect women but men as well. An estimated 10 million women and 1 million men suffer from eating disorders including Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating, and EDNOS.

This year's theme is "Everybody Knows Somebody" which for me means exactly what I said above, we are all affected by eating disorders. We need to be more active about prevention, and to bring eating disorders out into the open to put an end to them (maybe wishful thinking but at least try to bring the numbers down).
Want to get involved? Check out this site and get involved in events in your area. Sounds dramatic but the great thing is that recovery is possible and like any addiction, with the right support sufferers can be free--being healthy is awesome! Please contact NEDA or yours truly if you need help or advice on this--as an activist I always want to make a difference! Be healthy and be good to yourselves.

Alicia B.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A President's Day Day Trip

A day off is really a necessity every now and then. Work is great but you really need an extra day off to recharge to get yourself back into gear. This is just a quick blog of everything that we saw. Not a lot of text, just saying it with pictures.

We went to Southampton!

Topsiders in the sand.

Loooove me some shells.


The Thomas Halsey House built in 1648--the oldest house in Southampton.

Love this door. A vibrant robin's egg blue.

My husband and I had a blast--a relaxing blast. What did ya'll do for this wonderful President's Day? Relax? Something patriotic? I'm looking forward to this 4 day work week!

Alicia B.

Loyalty and Blood

No, I'm not talking about vampires...I'm talking about a line of jewelry made in Brooklyn. A few weeks ago a friend and I took a trip to the Brooklyn Flea Market and passed by a table that sold some really interesting jewelry, Loyalty and Blood.

Their table mostly had these really interesting geometric designed earrings and necklaces.

If you can handle long dangly earrings, these are quite cool. They are simple but so much fun!

Most of my friends might not see me wearing jewelry like this--I'm usually a pearls or faux long pearls wearer but I like these because they are fun and different but also casual and you can wear them everyday. I can be cool, too...

Loyalty and Blood is a husband and wife team from Texas that moved to NYC, graduated from the school of visual arts and started a jewelry line.
Most of the jewelry is made of brass which is really pretty because it tarnishes over time. As a designer I love the look of aged antiqued brass.

Loyalty and Blood has been featured in a few publications as well as a Free People catalogue! I just wanted to share this on this fun holiday weekend. My friend ended up buying a pair of earrings for her brother's girlfriend--they were super cool. My husband and I are off on a day trip on this awesome holiday weekend--will let you know how it goes when we return! Any plans? Hope you're not working!

Alicia B.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day for Love

Happy Valentine's Day my lovely readers! Today is a great day whether you're single or not--there is much love to be had. I am very thankful for my readers and love you all. I love the color pink, and the color red isn't so bad either.

This lovely striped, checked, polka dotted red and white bedroom is by Taylor Interior Design. Red can be airy and open too.

This picture was taken by yours truly in the New York City. I love this picture, I took it the day after my younger sister came into town to surprise me with a bachelorette party!

In my next life maybe I'll be a ballerina but this time around I have ZERO balance. These sweet pink ballet inspired shoes are good enough for now though.

Red Rug! This photo from the Selby is a nice breakfast room with amaaazing windows wouldn't you say? There are a lot of plants in that room though--I'd most likely kill them all if I lived there.

This is our first Valentine's day as a married couple but we've celebrated 6 other ones together before this. I have not loved New York lately but today we will put aside our differences and I will focus on things I do love. I love humor and high heeled shoes. I love interior design, my family, my sisters, my awesome friends, my new nephew (I KNOW!!!!!), and of course my husband. Isn't a day all about love, wonderful!?

Alicia B.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OMG it's O & G (Studio)

At work today I was introduced to an amazing furniture line O & G Studio. One of the perks to working in a design office is having furniture lines and fabric lines just swoop by the office to show you their new lines. O & G Studio is a furniture line created by 2 RISD grads. I love the furniture because it has a historical basis but is appealing because they use bright colors and it's super affordable.

They do many variations on the Windsor Chair. Are these 4 turquoise chairs crowded around this amazing x-based table not the cutest?

Here it is! I would love one of these chairs all bright and perky in our New York apt.

A trio of beauties. Orange, turquoise, and persimmon.

LOVEEE the scroll motif on this chair. Also this console table is gawwwgeous.

Besides traditional furniture, they make some accessories like this hot luggage rack and a super cute child's chair that a certain client of mine should think about getting.

This line of furniture appeals to both the traditional New Englander in me and the bright fun color lover as well. I can definitely see that hot little scroll motif chair in our front hall...if it were a little bit bigger of a hall. What do you guys think? All pictures are from the O & G website or from this cool website.

Alicia B.