Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Madoff NYC Penthouse

Madoff Penthouse floorplan via curbed

Ever since this whole Madoff scandal hit the press, I've been nothing short of obsessed. I know, it's sick to watch this man and his family's pathetic downfall, but I can't look away. I've been mostly waiting to see each of their many properties. How does someone with that much money decorate their home? Well, The Daily News came out with some images of the penthouse from a number of years ago BUT STILL. Something to think about.

Yeah, so this living room is about three times the size of my apartment. Besides that, this room has a gorgeous Lavar Kerman Persian rug estimated at $35,000, gorgeous architectural detailing, a $20,000 Chippendale tea table, and many priceless antiques and works of art.

The Madoff boudoir? EESH to that bed. That's a beautiful wardrobe in the corner though with Chinese porcelain jugs from the 1700s.

Word on the street (slash HERE) is that the property will appear on the market sometime in the near future. I'll just be waiting for more pics of this incredible penthouse, the house in Montauk, the house in Palm Beach, the yacht, and the castle in France.

Alicia B.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Great Makeover

Everyone loves a good makeover. Whether it's a tired rundown 40 year old mother of 3 on one of those TLC shows, or a tired rundown living room, people love to see a successful before and after. My latest favorite is one that I saw in House Beautiful by Jonathan Rosen. I've always loved his work, and I even did a blog post about him a few months ago HERE! Here is a one day makeover he did on this lucky woman's living room--oh I forgot to mention everyone loves instant gratification, too.

Here is the boring average mess that he started with.

He used mostly what his client already had by taking things he found in other rooms that would work better in other places, or rearranging the pieces in the room already.

The most fun part is to see his process; to see how he is thinking through his next change/improvement and then to see the result. Amazing!

He did do a wee bit of shopping. William Wayne is one of my favorite places too! Check out their website asap.

Voila! Look how much more fresh this room is now! Jonathan rearranged some furniture, brought in pieces from other rooms, and added some that he purchased and this room is completely transformed.

Nothing like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to add life to a room. I just adore those sconces though over the fireplace--the scale is PERFECT.

Check out the whole article in House Beautiful and the 69 pics of Jonathan Rosen in action! After visiting his website many a-time and finding it "under construction" I tried one last time and OMG my wish came true--his website is finally up! Thanks!

Alicia B.

And the winner is.........

The winner of this adorable fun rug giveaway (picked by random.org) is...


Congratulations! Please email me asap at aliciabdesigns@gmail.com with your address so that CSN rugs can send you your prize! Thanks again to everyone who participated and left me some amazingly funny responses!

Alicia B.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Apresmidi

Have a lovely weekend!

Alicia B.

Rando Design Inspiration Friday

Friday is here again! Here is your weekly dose of design inspiration. Enjoy. Also, please don't forget to enter the Rug Give-Away Contest below. If you can't be bothered to scroll down just click HERE: I'm lazy but I still want to win.

Timothy Whealon created a gorgeous living room using many different geometrics, some subtle, some bold but I really love the white washed mirror over the fireplace.

Southern Accents. You couldn't pay me to touch a book when I was younger but now, if I seen an interior crammed with books and a lovely arched bookcase like this one, I'm ready to move in. Seriously. It's going to get weird when the owner comes home and I'm sitting at that desk with glasses on and holding one of those antique books.

Lars Boldander never stops impressing me. This painted blue clock is mesmerizing.

This is a tad bit too symmetrical for me but the bold modern looking monogramming on the pillows is what won me over. By Jackye Lanham.

Amanda Nisbet is so great with color. How happy does this mantel look? I want that painting.

I'm not sure if I had a theme for today but all of these images have a cottage quality feel to them. Maybe it's because I'm going home to celebrate my Mom's birthday (AND I get to bake her cake!!) this weekend up in the country, or it could be because all I really want to do is lie on my bed and listen to Heal the World by MJ. Have a great weekend everyone (MJ would want you to.)!

Alicia B.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

CSN Rug Give-Away Contest!!!

I'm so excited about today's giveaway which I have the immense pleasure of hosting for CSN rugs. They offer an extensive variety of rugs at really great prices (wish I'd known about them a few months ago)! Check out their area rugs and more HERE. I secretly want this rug for myself. I think it would be really pretty in my front hall but you could also use it in a mudroom, front porch if you're lucky enough to have one, or in your kitchen!

Audrey Doormat in Iceberg. The prettiest doormat I've ever seen.

To win, you must leave a comment (not anonymously) about how you'd like to use it by 9 AM Monday June 29th. The contest is open to US and Canada (that means you Jillian). Good luck!

Alicia B.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Too Crewel

This summery crewel pillow is from Etsy Seller, Tuttie Lou for only $45!

One of my anonymous commenters (who has yet to man up and get a real name) asked the other day what crewel was. Well, i thought it would be a great opp to show off some amazing crewelwork interiors! Crewel is a style of embroidery usually made with wool threads on cotton or linen and depicting flowers, plants, or vines (but not always). It has a traditional/country sort of connotation but came back as a trend about a year ago. Personally, I love it. I think it can be very elegant and demonstrates amazing craftsmanship.

This duvet and sham is available from Williams Sonoma Home in this nice natural color on a cream background. Maybe I need to switch up my bedspread...

This bright and lively interior is by Todd Romano and he used this incredible crewel work piece as a wall hanging. Crewel work was made a lot by women around the time of the American Revolution so there are many pieces around such as this one.

I adore this room that I found in AD by Suzanne Tucker and I think it's because of the rug but it MIGHT just be because of the crewel fabric (by Travers) used on the slipper chair. I'd just like to point out though that this fabric can be used with modern elements too such as the paintings over the bed.

Another room by Suzanne Tucker (I knew I liked her), she used Lee Jofa crewel fabric on these two chairs flanking the large white sofa. I think the only thing in this room I like are the chairs though and I nearly blacked out in horror over the mirrored wall/screen. Sorry Suzanne.

I remembered this great post that Eddie Ross did on crewel fabric HERE and this one really stood out to me because it was on a dark background. How gorgeous is this?

If I can't get a crewel duvet, I might get a throw pillow or something for my bed. I'm such a pillow lover, sometimes there are more pillows on my bed, than actual bed! HA. This YUM looking bed is from Country Living.

As I think about this more, I believe I had a rocking chair in my room growing up with crewel fabric and I used to complain that it was too scratchy for me. Well, I think I've gotten over that and I'm ready to try again. ALSO, if anyone can figure out the movie soundtrack reference of the title of this post...well, I'll be impressed. HINT: The star of the movie just had twins!


Alicia B.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Surprising Log Cabin

The idea of a log cabin is a really cute one but when the idea is actually put forward it turns into a mess of antler cliches and too much wood. NOT HERE though! I was pleasantly surprised by this home that super caught my eye in Traditional Home, designed by Carole Weaks.

The white painted wood lightens this covered porch right up. I don't like the uber woodsy feeling that you can sometimes slip into with these types of houses. Well played, Ms Weaks.

Okay, I know it's a little bit more woodsy in here but I think that it's lightened up by the fabrics and the white material that fills in the logs.

I'm letting this tree branch handrail and balustrade off the hook because it's made from a rhododendron. I think you see my point.

This sitting area looks so cozy and delightful! The antique chest by the door (swoon) is so cute! I am such a sucker for antique painted furniture.

Isn't this fabric for the draper incredible? It's Ajmir by Manuel Canovas. I also adore bobbin furniture like these chairs and bench above.

Another light and airy bedroom. This room is simple, but with incredible details like the grass cloth walls (Zoffany), the double doors opening into the room, and the earthy pottery vases.

As a rule, I super don't like valances, but it's just my opinion...Moving on though, how sweet is that crewelwork fabric for the drapery and pillows?! The antique table that these two beds share is also incredible.

Ignoring the entire drapery work as it's getting a little too "country kitchen" for me, I am really taken in by this bed. So dainty and sweet with plaids and prints and I am equally enthralled with the mini vase hidden in the corner.

Overall I'd say this is the perfect little log cabin. They've really worked with a tiny home and made it seemingly bigger by leaving the interior lighter, in color and otherwise.

Also I'll be having a special give-away later on this week so GET JAZZED for it!

Alicia B.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Before and After: Foyer

After much design therapy with these two LUNATICS that I adore (my older sister and BIL), they have finally given in to my wishes and added some elements to their front hall under the console table! Their console table is beautiful, but the whole moment looked...empty. Anyway, I convinced them to put something under it to draw attention to the space. My BIL really took to the idea of ceramic elements, a grouping of three so he and my sister chose a celedon urn, a ceramic garden stool (love!), and a wooden pagoda to go with their other Asian inspired pieces around their apartment.

I love their little cluster of three. The different sizes and they way they are arranged adds depth to the space.

Such beautiful colors. Taken from below.

I wonder what I'll make them buy next! Perhaps it's time for a visit to Chicago, yes?

Alicia B.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Rando Inspiration Design Friday

A photo I took. Like it?

Finally it is Friday! Like I should be complaining though because I've had a four-day week. HA. Anyway, the rain seems to have cleared at least for a few hours so far, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Again, it's Friday and we need a pick me up to make it to the weekend, so enjoi!

Isn't this wood skirted front hall table amazing? Yes. By Solis Betancourt.

This reminds me of the time I was in Cabo and we had outdoor showers. Good times. By Barry Goralnick.

My super traditional side is in LOVE with this room. Such pretty wallpaper. By Branca. Btw, I've been dying to go to the new Branca store in Chicago. Perhaps I'll have to make a trip and visit my sisters...!?

Not only do I love this fabric, but that round chair in the corner? Is it trying to ruin my life because I don't own it?? Lovely interior brought to you by Kim Zimmerman via Peak of Chic.

What's on the docket for this weekend, y'all? I hope the weather is nice as I'm going to a Mets game with my former roommate! Then maybe a day in Central Park? Who knows!

Alicia B.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Modern Pleat

This room in the Kips Bay Showhouse is full of uber traditional pleated details by Mario Buatta.

Usually when you think of pleats you conjure up images of fussy chintz sofas (see above and please don't hurt me Mr. Buatta), doilies, and lots and lots of passmenterie. Lately however, the idea of a pleat is modern, clean, and...trendy. I'm seeing them in upholstery as well as in the fashion world. While I've always been a fan of a cute pleated skirt, pleats are BACK in pants, too.

Massucco Warner Miller uses a pleated pillow in this cheery orange, blue and neutrals room. Modern but not cold--I like it.

Eileen Fisher has a line of dupioni silk home accents including these loosely pleated pillows.

I just know I'd have to run my fingers manically up and down this pillow. By Dransfield and Ross.

A pleated bed skirt is also another way to go! I love the way this looks here. By Marshall Watson.

This is the happiest little pleated pillow and doesn't have a super structured look but isn't fussy. From etsy shop TootieEstelle.

This pleat all the way up the arm ads a fussy/fresh detail to the chair. Henredon via Point Click Home.

Gap is pulling in outside designers (thank God) again and these pants in the window caught my eye on my power walk down to work. I know my friends would tear me down if I bought them so I'll stick to my regular khakis but these are quite fun! Alexander Wang designed for the Gap for $69.50.

I like the detailing, personally, but what do you guys think? I'm into the fresh modern take on something traditional--surprised?

Alicia B.