Sunday, September 30, 2012

Glittery Stuff

Have you ever seen a brass kitchen?  Probably not.  This one took my breath away by Kelly Wearstler. 

So I'm obsessed with two things right now (besides my new job and my husband)--metallics and animal prints. I know metallics and things that glitter are taboo for the preppy girl but a girl needs sparkly stuff, right?  YES. 

A great spot to do something dramatically metallic is a powder room.  This fish scale wallpaper  is stunning and sparkly. 

I've been long obsessed with Porter Teleo fabrics and wallpapers so I am naturally loving this silver  animal print one.

Can you find the sparkle in this room?  A gold accent on something organic like a tree stump is the perfect mix.  Could also be a really cool DIY project.   By Joe Lucas from Lonny Mag. 
I'd love to make some fun throw pillows from this Gretchen Bellinger fabric.  
Alex Papachristidis always delivers a lot of glamour--dramatic brass and silver accents on the furniture and the table lamps. 
Diane Von Furstenberg loves a little sparkle.  This Piaza Dress with sequins on it would be a great winter cocktail dress.  Nice gloves too. 
And finally, here's a little picture of how i'm adding a little glitter into my life.   Penny Talk from Essie is my new color for the week!  

Anyone else out there adding some sparkle to their life?  Your house?  A client of mine just bought the Serena and Lily Metallic Suede and Hemp Rug.  It's SO pretty and adds just the right amount of glamour to her sweet apartment.  

Alicia B. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fabric Obsession of the Day

Lately I've been super into animal prints.  This includes, leopard, cheetah, zebra, and feather patterns and is not limited to just fabrics but to clothing as well.  More on this later because all I want to do is show you the fabric I want.

SIDENOTE: I want this dress so badly too but they are all sold out except for size 14--if you're a 14, go buy this dress for me.  Ann Taylor HERE.  

Off-White Castle Studios
Mur Des Raisins.

Anyway, I spotted this fabric at my favorite showroom, Holland and Sherry and I want to use it!  I want to do an entire chair in this fabric, OR I'd upholster the walls of a powder room with it.  OR a throw pillow?  I know, it has purple in it and we all know how I feel about purple but it also has blue and pink in it.  Case closed, it's amazing.  That's all.

Alicia B. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Bed

Mario Buatta.  The bedding is better than anything ever but what a gorgeous bed. 

I've never been a huge fan of mirrored furniture, but I've learned that they have a time and a place--not like this.  A mirrored buffet in a dining room can take up less visual space while holding a lot of storage.  I was inspired to find some mirrored beds when I saw this article in the Wall Street Journal about designers being inspired by one another.  Hard hitting.  Intense.  

This is a fun modern mirrored bed.  I love that lamp though on the nightstand. 

This one might be a wee bit too much for me in terms of mirror but I appreciate the fun pink walls and the glam direction its taking. 

Bunny Williams.  A neutral room with a little bit of sparkle from the mirror and a drop dead amazing headboard is a yes for me.

Another mirror valenced bed by Jonathan Berger.  I love how the top side of this is upholstered...amazing and stripey.

Most of these have been pretty neutral and the same goes for this.  I suppose when you have a statement bed like this you need to let it speak for itself.  Another Bunny Williams. 

A huge headboard and a fur throw?  So glam, Miles Redd.

Remember when I did a blog about mural wallpaper?  Well here is some more PLUS a mirrored bed--this one has such modern lines that it could be a nickel bed frame.  From Elle Decor.
How are we feeling about mirrored furniture?  Scared like I was?  Feelin' it?  Do you just look for another chance to see your reflection in something like I do?  Just kidding, I don't do that.  I just blog and look at fabric.  And love Bunny Williams, clearly.

Alicia B.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Am I the last to know about this or did it just slip past everyone else's radar?  Justin Timberlake has expanded beyond music, being a "restauranteur" and is now trying to decorate every one's homes?!  I can't tell if he's super jazzed about it or laughing in every one's faces.  Be that as it may, let's talk about HomeMint.  

First you get on there (click HERE for my invite), create your own personal style profile based on a few pictures of an ideal dinner party (duh), and Justin and Estee will choose things that they think you might like for you!  SO EASY!  I chose the one above because I'm just that kind of girl.
Here is another question--are you kidding me?  WOW.  Estee Stanley was Justin's designer back in what he describes as his "glory days."  What is he talking about--he's still in his glory days!!

There is a lo-o-o-o-t of crap like THIS but also some fun rugs for super cheap like above. You've seen this rug before, comes in lots of colors.  

This is another accessory that I deemed acceptable enough to put up.  It's a lantern! 

As we all know, I'm pretty on board with rope accessories and so is Justin!  Good move JT.
A throw!  $70 for members only.
Yeah so that's pretty much all I could find that I liked.  After I took the survey, Justin advised that I'm "the artist".  It means I love color and a great vintage fine.  Oh Justin, you know me so well, you're so perceptive.  Have you guys seen this?  I wonder if HomeMint will let me do a giveaway--right?  I'd love to just do a whole style overhaul on this bad boy instead though.  Good thing he's pretty.

Alicia B.