Friday, February 22, 2013

A Lighter Side of Woodsman

Wood panelling can add a masculine feel to a room like a den or a library but can often look too heavy and aged.  In other words, sometimes it's TOO manly.  One way to get that sophisticated and classic wood panelling is to bleach it.  Bleached wood has a raw and beautiful appearance.  

What a beautiful dressing room and made so light by bleaching out all that wood panelling. 

While I'm not in love with the chair and the mirror/sconce the wood panelling has won me over.  

This room certainly allows a lot of light with large windows and a high ceiling plus the bleached out panelling and built-ins. I'd switch up the rug and do some major styling to those bookcases but...

Here is another office with stunning millwork, designed by Orrick & Company. The wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries compliments the classic but fresh wood panelling. 

Another neutral room with a large case piece looking like a built in cabinet adds a rustic look. 

This room is a bit more classic and super comfortable looking but not oppressive and heavy. 

While this panelling isn't stripped down and bleached, it's nearly there.  I love the rustic feel of it. 

This room is breathtaking and looks like a well maintained historic home, right?  

Some call it bleached wood but its also called "limed" as well.  The classic look of the wood panelling allows you to mix traditional with some modern pieces as well and has a might more youthful look.  Neutrals are all over the place right now (see Restoration Hardware) and I like it.  What are we thinking/feeling?  Happy Friday!!

Alicia B. 

PS all these pics are from my Pinterest.