Monday, June 24, 2013

Williams Sonoma Home, You are my new jam.

You know when you shop at certain places because they are your classic great place to shop and then they come along and pull out all the stops and have amazing they things?  Well that was Williams Sonoma Home for me. I've always loved their things but 

A twist on a traditional shaped candle holder.  bleached wood amazingness.  

We love these as accessories where I work.  These badass votives come in white, celedon (above), and black. I have two white ones!  

Ugh I love woven baskets.  These are beautiful and make a great accessory for an entry table. 

Ahhhh objets on stands.  MY FAVE!

I have three horn jars and put my charcoal pencils in them on my desk. So pretty! 

Did I mention the throw pillows?  No, but they're awesome.  

I love love love a little metallic in my preppy little world.  Every girl has to have a little bling.  

Do you guys have a store that you rely on and then they surprise you by being more and more awesome?  This is what Williams Sonoma is for me. Kind of like when Bravo is amazing and then they come out with a show like Princesses Long Island...Better gets BEST!  

Alicia B. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thad Hayes, I'm into you.

"Alicia--Wish you the best with school.  Designing is a very cool profession. Best--Thad" I have since finished school and am working for an awesome designer thank you very much!  

I met Thad Hayes at a joint event for Celerie Kemble at the D & D Building and ended up buying his book and getting it signed (I'm a huge sucker for a book signing).  I just decided to look at his portfolio just now on a whim and I'm OBSESSED.  

Isn't this stairway breathtaking?  The art is pushing it for me but the light and the angles of the stairway are beautiful. 

AMAZE.  The marble slabs for this bathroom are pure perfection. Also, love the light fixture. Anybody know where it's from? 

A neutral but graceful living room.  I'd love to have a curved window like that. 

Another amazing stairway.  I love the white walls and the white stairs.  

This is an entry way in a modern home in Watermill NY.  I'm noticing a lot of horizontal lines in Thad Hayes work.  

Ahhhh easy access to the outdoors through this great sitting room.  Check out that beautiful French mattress sofa. This is from the same home in Watermill. 

And we leave off on another great bathroom.  The shower curtains add a lot of softness to this bathroom.  
I think I'm just really attracted to the mix of traditional and modern in very clean modern spaces.  I don't think I could necessarily live in a space like that but they are quite lovely to look at.  I love that I checked in to see what he had been up to since I bought the book--AMAZE!

Alicia B. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Obsession Continues

It's been a while since I obsessed over the color yellow so I think I'm due for it.  My boss hates yellow--apparently she grew up in a yellow bedroom and has been traumatized for life.  I, on the other hand, did not, and I love yellow! My current bedroom is basically 50 shades of blue and I have ONE pop of yellow on a throw blanket over a chair.  Let's take a look at yellow and blue combos!

I could always paint our nightstands yellow but they are a very pretty brown stain and my husband might kill me. A dash of yellow fabric in a pillow might just do. 

A neat and crisp bed is finished off with a yellow chevron boudoir pillow and a little yellow box on the night stand. 

A lovely and open blue and white living room has small pops of yellow with pillows, lamps, and National Geographics. This is literally the best use of Nat Geo I've ever seen. 
In this John Willey house, the walls are painted yellow with accents of blue throughout. The glass balls are my favorite! 
The rug isn't my fave but I have blue walls like this in our bedroom and I love the pop of yellow.  
As pure coincidence, I'm wearing my yellow skinny pants from Madewell and a navy blue blouse from Banana Republic.  I'm pretty excited about it and yellow just makes me happy.  I'll let you know how I get my yellow on in my bedroom. Do you get yellow in your bedroom or living room? 

Alicia B.