Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Tribute to a Design Hero

Sadly, design legend, Albert Hadley passed away yesterday in his home in Tennessee. Mr. Hadley is a legend in the industry and was a true gentleman. His style was timeless but also cutting edge even a few years ago before he retired. Below is a design he created in the 1970s but could easily be from right now.

I remember when I first met Mr. Hadley when I started working at Ann-Morris Antiques. He was very understated and never talked down to me as a novice sales girl just out of college.

Next, when I was working at Vaughan, he remembered me and started working with me whenever he came in. I felt so honored.

I'm always inspired by Mr. Hadley's work. Obviously others are too, and they had a showhouse in honor of him a few years ago. This is Thomas Jayne's tribute.

Thank you Mr. Hadley for your continuing inspiration and amazing spirit. Have an amazing day everyone and take a look at some more of his work. Not much beige to be found--his designs were full of color, vibrancy and pattern.

Alicia B.

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