Friday, July 3, 2009

Patriotic Interiors

Gary McBournie. I'd love to be out here with a book and a G & T.

Today's Inspiration Friday is being put on hold for something even better...Patriotism! Since it's the Fourth of July Weekend, let's all enjoy some Red White and Blue interiors. These interiors remind me of Summer, New England, the beach, and relaxation.

Markham Roberts mixes a whimsical bedspread and a geometric rug in this bedroom.

Red white and blue geometric patterns are in this room too. How cute is that teddy bear in the chair? By Meg Braff.

Digs By Katie pairs this distressed red painted bench with a dark blue backing and a gorgeous sunburst mirror in this little nook. PS you should really check out her portfolio--it's genius.

Red walls are usually to much for me but if you put it with a blue and white striped rug, I calm down a bit. This entry way (with sticks used as coat hooks) is from Country Living.

Pretty paisley bedspread but what really gets me here (besides the Windsor chair) is the basket full of throw pillows. Country Living.

I hope you all have a great and patriotic Fourth of July. If the weather cooperates we'll be going up to the CT shore and enjoying some time on the beach! Maybe some ice cream, fireworks, and some good old fashioned fun. Ya know, things that make America so awesome! What are you up to?

Alicia B.


Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

I love the first photo :) It's just the perfect perch to sit & relax.

Alicia said...

Great views..gratitudes!!!
Im crazy nuts for the geometric Meg used. Might have to email her for the info.
May your weekend be filled with fun & fireworks!!!

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

Great blog! Glad I found you.

Happy belated 4th!


Alicia B. Designs said...

Welcome Cristin! The Simplified Bee is adorable!

My Notting Hill said...

Love the distressed red bench and the bedspread in the last pic.