Thursday, August 8, 2013

Duck, Duck, Uncle Goose

Remember playing with wooden blocks when you were younger?  I grew up with a great set of blocks but have you seen the toys kids have these days?  Everything has a button or a battery, right?  Well blocks just got cool again--Uncle Goose!  Uncle Goose sent me a set of their House Industries set of Big and Tall blocks for me to play with and decorate with.  They have tons of other patterns too, check them out HERE.

Not your ordinary blocks, huh?  They each have the numbers and letters from the House fonts archive. 

What is better than building a little tower with all these fun patterns? Nothing. 

A. B. C

The colors are really fun: green, orange, and black make for some really great buildings.  
I know my nephew, Teddy, would love these blocks.  They are handmade in Grand Rapids, MI, which is a huge plus (yay America) since everything is made in China these days.  The company was started in the CEO's garage!  These are great also for bookcase display or a little moment in a tray/ on a coffee table.  The possibilities are endless and good looking, too.  Thanks so much to Uncle Goose for these magnificent works of art.

Alicia B. 

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Anonymous said...

These are exactly what I have been looking for!!! For some reason no one makes big and tall regular blocks! Everything in the market right now is oddly shaped so that you can't actually build anything good. VERY EXCITED FOR THESE!!!