Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alicia B.'s Latest Obsession: Architectural Models

I love stuff. I have a lot of "stuff" in my apartment because I like to look at it and it looks pretty/fun/interesting. I don't have any room for any of these things that I want lately but I can talk about it anyway, right? Maybe some of you guys DO have room for it and I'll inspire you?! I've been lately very obsessed with architectural models; wire ones, wooden ones, you name it. Check them out:

A wire Duomo from Ballard Designs for $99 "had me" at Duomo. As you all may know, I'm a sucker for anything remotely related to Italy. Maybe I could fit this one because it wouldn't take up too much space on a table or window sill.

Another amazing Wire Conservatory from Ballard Designs for $79! I love the shape of this one.

I'd die for an architectural model staircase. This Grand Staircase is well priced from Ballard Designs for only $225. Most antique ones go for upwards of $1500.

I have wanted a wooden birdcage for a very long time (without the birds. ew.). This breathtaking Victorian beauty is from Mecox gardens. They have SO many special birdcages and models.

A little more on the rustic and distressed side, this hand carved Altar for $168 is also from Mecox Gardens.

A little more on the whimsical (and pricey) side, this ADORABLE Chateau wire lantern is from Anthropologie. I saw one similar to it at ABC Carpet as well a few weeks ago. This one above is only $1598--no biggie!

If you're into the whole wire thing that is going on right now, West Elm has these decorative spheres (tumble weeds) for only $13! Personally I think these are the types of things that you buy and then get them to your house and have crushing regret but they could be fun...

These wire birds are SO CUTE from Sundance Catalog. Song Birds of Paris, TX set of 3 for $48.

Hopefully this post will calm my need to acquire a new accessory that I don't technically need. Or it will convince me that it's meant to be and that I must have one now! Sorry to be so down on the wire spheres, I can see that wire decorative accessories are pretty much everywhere and i don't want you guys to get caught up in something you'll regret. It happens to everyone! How do you all feel about these?

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again and again Alicia B. for making me stop and notice "stuff" as you call it. You always remind me, whether it's with birdcages, ring dials, or crests, that decorative design can be worthy and fun to own, for no practical reason beyond intrinsic beauty.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Wow I think I need to purchase that Duomo as birthday gift for my sister. Amazing.

Down Pillow said...

I'm in the same boat - I really love accessories & can't indulge in any more right now. I totally love those wire birds - too sweet :)

Leyla Naghizada said...

Totally agree! You can never have too many decorative accessories - it's the same with shoes for me ;)

I'm loving that Grand Staircase & the West Elm spheres...

Idaho Collector said...

Victorian beauty is from Mecox gardens. (Bird Cage) Do you know anything about this cage? How old it is? Where it's from? I have one and can't find any information on it.. thanks!