Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This kitchen/entryway reminds me of a certain loft from a tv show--any guesses? By William Duff Interiors. I adore that big industrial door.

Ever since I posted that magnificent bedroom from Country Living last Friday (and got a great response from it!), I've been thinking about brick walls. I don't have any in my current apartment but I think the look is charming. Bricks can be so many things in design: industrial, vintage, organic, or sleek.

By Tom Scheerer. This brick wall was painted a creamy white and adds to the soft textures in this room: wood, fur.

The contrast of the treatment on the bricks with the sleek furnishings and glossy white ceiling is so beautiful. By Studio Isle.

A common issue with fireplaces is that they are made of brick yet don't coordinate with the rest of the room. In this living room, they did a white wash over the bricks to have a rustic country look. From Southern Living by Jennifer Spak.

From Veranda, brick floor that you might see out on a terrace is well suited for this entry way and ads an air of openness. The open double height ceiling doesn't hurt.

Living Etc. I love this look; as if someone moved into an old factory and converted it to a home. I wish they'd make their bed though.

Hillary Wallace created this adorable feminine bedroom for her client. Again, I just adore the look of the lace and soft fabrics against the rough old bricks.

This looks like a cozy little converted space from Canadian House and Home though I'm not sure what is happening in the little niche above the bed. Hmm.

Being eternally in love with everything old/vintage it is only natural that I love the look of brick in an interior wall. Why cover it up when you can do so much with it. Leaving the deep brown red tones or treating it with a white wash or painting it a completely different color are some amazing options you have for brick that could transform the look of the room super easily. In other news, I bought a romper today. Please don't judge me. And please don't stop reading this blog.

Alicia B.


ashie said...

RACHEL ZOE PROJECT. and don't worry.. i am sitting here in my purple romper... so worth it!

Daly Essentials said...

I love how a brick wall can add so much texture. I die over that second picture. Those floors are amazing.

Down Pillow said...

Gorgeous photos! The image from Veranda literally gave me chills - love it :)

Developing Designs said...
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Developing Designs said...

Rompers Rule, no worries, wouldn't stop your readers from enjoying your blog.
You nailed it when you said: the look is charming and bricks can be so many things in design: industrial, vintage, organic, or sleek.
Great photos and great post.
Sorry I had to delete the 1st comment because I forgot to proof read :)