Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This place is as good as mine

Except for the 2.5 Million dollar price tag. OH. It's certainly the quirkiness in me that draws me to this adorable 9.5 foot wide townhouse in the West Village. It's three stories including a roof garden--perfection!

Floor plans. I can't wait to put together my furniture plan for each floor!

I would do so much with this roof garden that it wouldn't know what hit it. And just because you have a roof garden doesn't mean you should make it a jungle...edit.

Spacious? TOTALLY. Those are some steep stairs but so sweet looking.

Doors that open onto the garden? Fabulous and perfect for parties.

This little bitty town house has quite a history, as well. Built in 1873, it was home to a slew of fab famous people and I could be the next one! I'd be haunted by the ghosts of Cary Grant and Margaret Mead among others. Here is the listing on Corcoran. All the pics are from Curbed and Corcoran.

Alicia B.


Ally -- Onyx and Alabaster said...

This place is so interesting... I especially love the garden; it's enchanting, yet wild at the same time. I think I would get a little claustrophobic with only 9.5 feet in width to work with... Great find!

Down Pillow said...

Such a cute place! I love the doors that open up to the rooftop garden - so lovely :)

Celebrity Digs HQ said...

Everyone's talking about this place! It's a very cool space, though it presents serious interior design challenges.

Hope we get to find out who buys it and what they end up doing with it!

Rachel said...

I NEED to have this town house!!!! The garden is a definate plus!

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