Thursday, August 6, 2009

Closet Lighting Lover (Me)

From reading my blog, you wouldn't necessarily know it but I'm a closet lighting lover. I love a good sconce, or a fab nautical lantern. A really amazing lantern can take your breath away (yeah, dramatic). If lights are plain you don't notice them, if they're ugly, they can ruin a room but if they are something really special and beautiful they can become a work of art. They can make a room amazing. These are a mere smattering of pendants that I've seen that have caught my eye. Enjoi.

I find it very precious and glamorous when a sweet chandelier like this one is above a bathtub. By the brilliant Nate Berkus.

How much would you love to have a bowl of fresh berries and yogurt in this calm looking breakfast room? I think the soft square lantern with fretwork at the top really makes this room. By Mollie Johnson.

Very uncharacteristic for me, but this funky glass globe pendant looks so glam here. By Madeline Stuart.

I am obsessed (like the show) with this cut out lantern from the Veranda Estate showhouse. The shadows that it casts on the walls and ceiling is breathtaking.

This interior by Alex Papachristides, has a pretty but not too delicate chandelier over a cocktail table. This room is just plain amazing and the chandelier is what makes it.

Too bad I'm a renter otherwise I'd have so much fun with lighting in my apartment. I just have to make due with cute lamps.

Alicia B.


Bedroom Furniture said...

All the different designs take light, colors, and theme design and create completely different looks that are simply fascinating.

highglossblue.blogspot said...


Lovely as always!! I'm a renter, too. This morning I asked the bf to teach me to rewire my overhead light fixture. If I survive, I'll tell you about it.

highglossblue.blogspot said...

Saw these light fixtures on the blog, If Its Hip Its Here after I read this post and thought of you!
They are super fun and cool be awesome for a kids room!
Happy Weekend!

Down Pillow said...

So in love with the beautiful chandelier in the bathroom photo from Nate Berkus :)

Angela Walters said...

Love your blog. Totally agree about lighting! Can totally transform or totally ruin a room!

Beaman the Interiors Chap said...

Wonderful images. Your visual blog is like a roller coaster for the eyes, it keeps on coming and you just don;t want to get off. Great stuff. :-)