Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Marble Quarry

In one of my classes right now we are to design a worship space (not necessarily religious worship). Mine just HAPPENS to be in a marble quarry (my idea). The entire room is dug out of a black and gold marble quarry (which may or may not exist) right outside of New York City. The idea is that the marble is cool, calming, smooth, and light bounces off it creating a beautiful effect with the gold. Marble is used in a lot of bathrooms and kitchens; take a look how it's used when you're not in a fictional quarry.

Sara Story uses this amazing orangey marble on this intimate fireplace scene.

In a break from the typical clean white marble, this marble has gorgeous dark veins running through it creating a great contrast. By incredible designer, Nancy Boszhardt.

Marble is often times seen as traditional or "old" but in this space it makes it feel more contemporary. By Matsouka Wang Architects.

In contrast to above, this DEFINITELY is a more traditional feel. Designer Juan Montoya uses slabs of creamy marble on the walls, as columns, and on the floor.

This marble fireplace that I found in Domino blends right in with the rest of the busy patterns in the living room. I feel like it's rare to see marble with lots of contrasting veins in it; people are usually using it to create a cleaner look.

In this Christopher Peacock kitchen, he uses a marble top on this island which is a very beautiful and traditional look but...see below...

He then uses little marble bits to make up the backsplash in the rest of the kitchen. So much you can do with stone!

This was the darkest marble I had seen used and it was only a small part! It def creates a dramatic effect though in this deco style bathroom. I super love those monogrammed pink guest towels too!

How do you feel about marble? Too traditional? Not traditional enough? Want to live in a marble quarry?

Alicia B.


Unknown said...

VERY clever idea!

Anonymous said...

I'll come live in the quarry with you.

I like marble best when it's clean, not beveled. Looks more modern that way.

I do love Miles Redd's bathroom, though. Hot!

Lauren said...

Gotta say I love that Christopher Peacock kitchen. I think marble can definitely go either way- traditional or modern depending upon how it's cut/ how its used, etc.
I'd love to see your finished design on the worship space- sounds really beautiful.

Alicia B. Designs said...

aw you guys are very sweet. Hopefully I'll finish the model by the weekend! fingers crossed.

Unknown said...

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