Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring Trend: Butterflies

Butterflies are everywhere! I've noticed them in magazines, on the blogs, and everywhere I shop (window shop). They are whimsical and colorful and definitely a sign of spring, I'd say. Many accessories are covered in butterflies, from throw pillows, to decoupaged plates, but here are some examples in interiors!

What a sweet kitchen inspired scene by Trevor Dixon via gogoabigail.com

This room from Southern Accents is very garden-inspired with framed butterflies up on the wall. I really love that mini stool under the table with the blanket draped over it.

This is a from good old Domino mag featuring Schumacher's Birds and Butterflies wall paper. Not entirely sure where the larger than life butterfly on the wall comes from...I'm scared. Definitely adds a focal point to the room though, right?

In this super luxurious bedroom by Nancy Boszhardt, she uses framed butterflies on the wall. I like these--they're very close together and all the same species. Very pretty and a great punch of color in this mostly neutral room.

I like this one the most, I think. It looks like a little horticultural study; perhaps there are books on gardening on the other wall and a beautiful garden outside? By Monique Keegan from Country Living.

This exotic garden room is from a Kips Bay showhouse, so is of course very over the top. The chair in the corner is actually in the shape of two butterflies. By David Barrett.

This Freeze Frame Butterfly Chandelier by Lladro, is very whimiscal and looks like a swarm of butterflies around a light. Only $3200!

John Willey had these duvet covers custom made with Holland and Sherry butterfly fabric! This room is super springy with the green painted ceiling and nature inspired fabrics (roman shades, grass cloth walls, etc).

Want some of your own butterfly decor? Here are some small framed drawings from Ballard Designs. Cute!

Read more about this new spring trend HERE in Elle Decor. Personally...I'm not loving it. I know I'm supposed to but all I can think of are glittery butterflies from the mid to late 1990's and I'm uncomfortable. I do love the framed drawings and the horticultural side to them, but the giant, out of scale butterflies are somewhat inappropriate. What do you all think? On board? Hate it? Love it?

Alicia B.


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Lovely post. Has me completely wanting Spring Time to come soon.

I love the room by John Willey. Love everything about it.

Anonymous said...

Love that chandelier! And the hot pads. If that is the new theme for spring, I am psyched. Thanks Lish!

Anonymous said...

Butterflies! You're a girl after my own heart, Alicia.

Lauren said...

Beautiful pics & way to spot the trend!! I remember when they were so like 10+ years ago... in 7th grade I used to always doodle a "tattoo" butterfly on my ankle!! hahah

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge butterfly fan - but I do really like the Domino photo featuring the butterfly wallpaper (minus the HUGE butterfly on the wall).