Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Color: Green

Easter is now only FOUR days away and I have YET to dye any eggs (I have to wait till I get home, but still). The color green can invoke many different hues: kelly green, minty green, a dark traditional green, grass, or light celedon green. When I think of Easter, the light celadons and mints come to mind. Here are some interiors with those greens.

Suzanne Rheinstein, a long time green lover, uses this soft silk on the bedspread and the drapery which makes the room look light and comfortable.

This is a more minty green used in a country bathroom by Martha Stewart. How clever is Martha to make that little shelf under the window? I have some antique brackets and am thinking of making a shelf in my room!

This green isn't my favorite but j'adore how the color of the green changes when the light is on it. From Marie Claire Maison by Francoise Smilenko.

Pink and green is my absolute favorite color combination. It reminds me of summer and I'm pretty ready for summer or some warm weather. This is a beautiful color green. The iron work on the balcony is so amazing, I'm quite jealous of whomever lives here. From Marie Claire Maison.

This precious living room by Kathy Abbott uses mints, celedons, and aquas.

Now we're cooking here! Lets all get outside (PLEASE GET WARMER). This gorgeous and relaxing terrace is by Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat of Lucas Studios.

The fabric in the room is so to die for! Prints, stripes, solids and then little pops of other colors like the raspberry red flowers and the mini blue throw pillow are making me freak out with envy. By Heidi Freidler.

This is from Point Click Home about a story on Feng Shui. Green is meant to represent harmony. I think that is definitely accomplished in this comfortable yet elegant front hall.

Overall, greens have a very relaxing and approachable quality. They are beautiful and can change hues when the light is shining on them but they are solid and soothing. I have a green painted kitchen table which is fun and always makes me happy and a pastel quilted pillow sham on my bed which is adorable as well. Kinda matches my personality...

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

that top green is the color of my bedroom and office! I do enjoy it

anusha said...

love the mint green bathroom. Perfect color for the spring.

Raina Cox said...

Green is my most favorite color. In fact, I'm wearing some apple green lounge pants as I sit here and type. TMI.

Down Comforter said...

I think green is such a versatile, fresh color that should find a place in every home - it's really the other neutral.