Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alicia B. at Etsy!

Designing my wedding was one of the most fun projects I've ever worked on. Calling it a project feels weird but in terms of a design idea, it was. I wanted to create a fresh nautical but country inspired look for the Bridal dinner with milk glass and hobnail vases and blue and white table linens. Well, guess what!? All the vintage vases and accessories and hand made linens are available to you at my Etsy store. I collected these vases and bowls and made the linens from fabrics I found on

Set of 8 hand sewn square napkins. They look amazing with the ones below it mixed in.

Wow, so nautical!

This little bowl has the most beautiful detailed edge, right?

You. Are. Gorgeous.

This basket is one of my favorites. It's so sweet and looks amazing with flowers overflowing from it. Or candy!!!

Gorgeous hobnail pitcher.

I have a few pairs of pretty 8" tall vases. I love the detailing on these.

Here they are in action. It was a beautiful perfect night (not as perfect as our wedding day but HEY).

I love that you can use milk glass at any time of year; summer, perfect for Halloween actually, and they would really look so beautiful on a winter inspired table with lots of whites and greens. I'll be adding more items to my shop all the time so check back. Word on the street is that some mint julep cups will be arriving in the shop soon. Take a look!

Alicia B.

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Robin said...

Smart idea, maybe some other bride to be will scoop up the whole lot for her wedding!