Monday, October 31, 2011

Nate Berkus likes to save space.

A few weeks ago, after I finally admitted I was sick and went home from work, I decided to veg out and watch tv. I caught The Nate Berkus Show and thought I couldn't take my eyes off his hair and his super fun attitude. I love how he upgrades thrift store junk and actually acknowledges small space living. Which brings me to my next point. I've been made aware that Nate Berkus is doing a show on small spaces this Thursday! He will reveal his (GASP) Top 5 favorite space saving products. Here are two awesome ones.
FLOR Rugs. I love buying new things, don't you? I just recently proposed a FLOR rug to a client of mine and I thought it would be a great space for her tiny studio. The bright colors play with the depth of the room and leads your eye through the space
I liked the awesome new patterns they offer and you can make it smaller or larger just by adding more squares! Martha makes some really fun ones too. From HERE. Marimekko Pillows! I"m really obsessed with Marimekko lately. I even have a new Marimekko mouse pad at work (buh bye Obama). They opened a new store in the Flatiron district, too.

Nate likes the fact that Marimekko has bold patterns that draw your eye to them. A focal point, if you will. You want to look at the precious dog but you look at the fun bright pillows instead! From HERE.

Check in on Wednesday for one more RAD product that Nate thinks you should buy. I'm thinking of calling in sick on Thursday to see the show! Ahh to live like a lady of leisure. The show airs on Thursday, GET EXCITED! (like Nate's hair).

Alicia B.

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