Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bookcase Re-Org

This post should really be titled: Stuff I do when my husband goes out of town. I tend to break out the craft box, sew some pillows, and generally do small decorating projects (when I have 7 mins to spare) when my husband travels on biz. Hes a biz man traveler. Anyway, things get crazy and I do things like this:
I took out all the books, novels, art books, and yes, that says "Intermediate Accounting." That is a book of my husband's. We have a lot of books though between us so the organization of them is important.

These are more of MY books; DVF autobiography, a Twilight book, and a gorgeous book about chandeliers. I have a lot of large sized art and design books which should be displayed with their splines facing outward and stacked one on top of another.

Even if you have a lot of books, you can still make a cute bookcase display. It doesn't have to be a few books and tons of objects! You just have to keep it simple LOOKING. With lots of novels, line them all up by height.

Stack up your art and design books. They are beautiful, so show them off! I love antique books and have a few really small ones so I stacked them on my design books like objects themselves. Putting them on a diagonal helps.Here it is in all its book-full glory next to my full length mirror and my gorgeous framed DVF magazine.

When my husband came back (from China), he gave me a jade elephant statue for our bookcase display! Next time he goes away I'll probably paint the back of the bookcase a fun bright color. Or switch the living room with the bedroom--we'll see. Just kidding, that's crazy.

Alicia B.


Steve said...

I love how you've really thought about each shelf of your bookcase.

I'm currently doing my own bookcase project and will definatly use some of your tips when placing my books!

Please take a look at my blog as I will post pictures of my bookcase when I've finished it and would really value any advice or insights you may have!

Steve x

Decor Arts Now said...

Jade elephant!
So cute!

ashie said...

love it! reorganizing my 'vignettes' is one of my favorite things to do when it is really time to scrub the tub ;) (is that the bracket i gave you as a bookend?!)