Thursday, October 6, 2011

I want my world to be The World of Muriel Brandolini

Amazing designer Muriel Brandolini has always caught my attention but now she's about to release her first book and I am borderline obsessed with her. Her rooms are so unexpected but incredibly beautiful. She uses deep rich colors and amazing furniture pieces. She is half Vietnamese, and half French/Venezuelan and she actually started out in fashion in New York. I read a great article about Ms. Brandolini in the WSJ about her style and her upcoming book "The World of Muriel Brandolini."

In the article, antiquarian Louis Bofferding says "She plays old against new, mixes colors boldly and selects materials in ways that wouldn't occur to other decorators." Truth. Image from her website.

Notice how the bed is not facing directly at you and there is a little seating area (can you sit there??) in the foreground next to the bed. A little more fun than the typical bed, table on either side and a bench at the end. MB.

The color that I dislike, purple, (in this case its more like raisin) is the color that brings the room together with the midnight blue walls and the very very yellow rug. This room is full but it doesn't appear cluttered. MB.

This chair is literally a work of art. Imagine designing this chair--the panels, the tassels, the backing...

I LOVE the blues that she uses. This abstract rug is exquisite. WSJ.

This is a lighter, yet just as rich feeling room. Have you ever walked into a hotel lobby and seen one of those round sofas and thought, "No, never." Well this time, it not only works but it makes the room.

Is this why I love Muriel Brandolini? The bold blue door molding? The wallpaper on the ceiling and walls? The beautiful chandelier? All of the above.

Is there anything this woman isn't great at? She has a line of fabrics at Holland & Sherry which I wish I could use all the time. This one is called Pearl Grey 4.

Love this bold chevron pattern fabric, Tobac 1.

Her use of color and pattern is extraordinarily inspiring and I'm dying to meet her. She is giving a lecture at Philips de Pury Auction house and I would love to go. Muriel Brandolini is fearless when it comes to color which is probably why I love her work so much. So, who wants to buy her book for me?

Alicia B.


Robin said...

Gorgeous stuff! What is Mr. Alicia B's email address, I will send him a big hint that he needs to get you this for Christmas...

Alicia B. Designs said...

HA Thanks Robin--you are too funny!


Whitney said...

Gorge. Those midnight blue walls appear to be velvet. I die.

SO FUN to see you yesterday at market. Hope the rushed expedition was a success! xoxo,
Whitney from Consider Yourself At Home

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I love this sort of eclecticism. It totally warrants an obsession.