Thursday, January 29, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Cheryl Tague

Cheryl Tague is an amazing designer that I just discovered yesterday (thanks Amie). Her style is traditional with a fresh kick to it. She uses many textures and colors in her interiors, and integrates antiques amazingly well. Besides absolutely falling in love with her style, she is very inspirational, as a person. She started out in the finance world, but left it and graduated from The New York School of Interior Design (where I go)! Ever since then, she's been working in London, Chicago, New York, and all over the US.

This is from an incredible project that Cheryl worked on in Chicago. How much would you love to have an entrance to a courtyard like this? Or at all?

CAN'T BREATHE. I love this so much--the distressed wood, the light streaming in, the white china collection.

Living room. Check out the white paneling on the walls. She uses a lot of neutrals but they don't seem to get lost in themselves.

This is the entry foyer I believe. Isn't this floor classic? I love how she used the washed out wood paneling and then a neutral wall paper above it.

In the dining room, she uses more beautiful tile work on the floor and then mixes it with fun, bright fabric on the dining chairs with a round dining table.

Now, we move to Bronxville. I've been seeing this striped rug a lot lately and I super love it. Of course that map above the desk (which is perfectly accessorized) is making me insane with how much I love it.

This is the other side of the room. Every detail seems to be taken care of in these interiors. A column in the corner to add height and then a painted plain moulding really finishes off the room.

A child's room. I love yellow for a child's room. It's gender neutral (what a strange term in this situation) and you can keep the room yellow as the child grows! Also, I really want that cow.

In the bedroom, she makes a typical display of photographs seem edgy by arranging them asymmetrically; which reflects the asymmetrical ceiling (with exposed beams!).

I think her interior in Aspen, CO impressed me the most. I have seen too many cliche western interiors with exposed wood, Navajo rugs, and deer heads. This interior was calm, natural and beautiful.

Gingham bedspread, a display of mini antlers, and the antique bench at the foot of the bed are only a few things that I love about this room.

I LOVE how, though there is a lot of wood, it is antique and you can see the imperfections in it. I love this little scene with the rough heavy blanket and the smooth little apples. Adore.

Another lovely scene that you might walk by on your way to the bedroom after a few runs down the slopes. SWEET.

This bedroom is SO mountain chic. The patterned bedspread and then the big fur lying on top of it? Are you kidding me? L. O. V. E. Again, her color scheme is also so beautiful and surprising.

This kitchen is so cute. I love all the natural elements contrasted with the polished nickel hanging lights.
Clearly, Cheryl has amazing taste. Her furniture choices are not typical, and that's what makes each interior special and surprising. What do you all think? Definitely something to look forward to when(ever) I finally graduate from NYSID. The amazing pics from Cheryl's website are taken by the talented Kate Cordsen.

Alicia B.


Raina Cox said...

I admire designers who can do mountain retreats with reducing them to a Disney-fied version of the Paul Bunyan tale.

Raina Cox said...

That would be "withOUT reducing."

Anonymous said...

Wait until that apple rots.

Designers' Brew said...

wow, really nice work! I especially love the asymmetrical wall art in that one bedroom--that's a great touch. And you're right, that Colorado home feels like a cozy mountain retreat without weighing you down in Rocky Mountain schlock.

Anonymous said...

Nice design work :) Really love the light that flows throughout.

My Notting Hill said...

terrific post - really talented designer!

Lauren said...

She's amazing. Thanks so much for sharing!!

anusha said...

cheryl started off in a finance world and went to NYSID...hmm..sounds like I am doing the right thing:)
She is pretty talented indeed..


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