Sunday, January 4, 2009

Designers, make it work.

Patchwork sofas look ultra chic and diy in a recession.

I just read the most amazing and hope inspiring article ever (for the recession) in the New York Times today. It's called, Design Loves a Depression. Now, I know design blogs are all about pretty pictures, but you're going to have to read a little. We're smart people so let's do a little research, shall we? Anyway, the article is basically saying that even in an economic downturn, design thrives. It's one of the few markets that doesn't completely crash during a depression. Design gets more creative and less frivolous and lucky for us, the quality improves. Ahem, the Eames. They even said that the piece of rickety pressed cardboard that you might buy at a future date from Ikea or Target may just be better quality than in the past. Designers get creative at solving problems too. They see a challenge, like people not wanting to spend much money, and they work around it in creative ways. Yay! So, I hope this article is right. I love finding creative ways to save; I made most of my gifts for my family for Christmas (hotpads, photographs, headbands etc) and it was super fun!

So even if we're in for a rough ride ahead, we have good quality and creative design to look forward to. A neat sounding book they mentioned in the article was Livable Modernism: Decorating and Design During the Great Depression(above). Things are about to get creative.

Alicia B.


Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

I agree! I know over the holidays I tried to be more creative and spend less in about every area~!

Lauren said...

Oh great to hear! I'd read something related about people focusing more on their homes because they can't afford to go out as much.

Alicia B. Designs said...

yeah! Where I work there hasn't been much of a difference either. Still busy!

Anonymous said...

Super fantastic article. Thanks for directing me to it!