Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Snow of 2009

Well, It's back to the grind. No more holiday or New Year's Eve parties, Christmas cookies, or Yule Log from the fridge at midnight. It wasn't me, I swear! If you were in the Northeast of the U.S. though over New Years, you experienced an amazing and beautiful snowstorm! It made for some rough driving for me as I went up to Saratoga to spend New Year's with my dear friend from my semester abroad in college. On the upside, I got to take some really pretty pictures! I hope you enjoy them...shameless plug to myself.

Amazing faded yellow barn on the side of a country road upstate in New York. I love how patriotic they are.

Some little red berries poking through the intense and VERY cold snow. I think I still have frostbite from going out in the snow.

I was amazed at the silhouetted silo of this classic barn. Also amazed at my timing!

This is a near white out. Normally you can see the Berkshires from this spot where I took the picture.

Then, I enjoyed some (maybe too much) Champagne to ring in the new year! 2009 is going to be great. If not, at least my attitude is!

Alicia B.

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Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Love the snow! I can say that because I am in Georgia where it snows once every 10 years!