Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopping Spotlight: Wade Hampton Home

Last night apres work, I went on a little shopping trip in my never ending search for things for my new apartment! I had been hearing lots of things about this cluster of fun high end boutiques in the Plaza hotel and I thought I'd treat myself to a little swank and ventured in! I found the most glam fun shop I'd seen in a long time! This shop, Wade Hampton Home sells mainly fur pillows but also carries some accessories as well. I super love fur, so I was pretty much in heaven. Travis, my new friend at the store, was also selling the most super elegant accessories: Swarovski Crystal spiders. Take a look...I'm obsessed.

Look at how beautiful these pillows are! They are hand stenciled on the fur. They have cheetah, zebra, palomino (my personal fave), and black--and they come in different sizes, too.

Stack of pillows...LOVE. They are all backed with soft suede.

These two are nearly as big as I am, and super soft. The quality of this fur is completely different from any other fur pillows I've felt before.

Gorgeous. How much do you love those grey and white ones?

Here are the handmade Swarovski crystal spiders I was mentioning above. They are sitting on a huge rabbit fur pillow (come in white and black). So soft against the gorgeous crystals.

Travis tells me that they are made exclusively for Wade Hampton Home by an artist. I've never seen anything like these before--how glam are they?

They remind me a lot of those diamond encrusted broaches that glam women wear. How cool would these look on my new pillow (I got one--will show you picks when I move to my new apt!). This orange spider is sitting on a black leather pillow.

I just loved how beautiful the contrast was between the soft organic fur and the hard, but beautiful crystals. How gorgeous would they look on a tray of drinks at a cocktail party(for my housewarming party), or on a stack of books on a side table? So far my apartment is shaping up to be a mix of soft country style with a punch of New York edge. The store was such a lovely surprise as it was snowing last night and I went right from the Plaza into Central Park. Such a nice New York winter night.

Alicia B.

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Robin said...

Lovely pillows and very glam spiders.

And certainly better than shiny hard pillows and fuzzy spiders.