Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The art of cooking with art around...

Since I've been choosing photographs for a small show ( I know, exciting!) that I will be in in October, someone made the suggestion that some of my food photography would be great for a kitchen. It really got me thinking of using art in kitchens in general. More often than not we are paying more attention to the appliances, the subway tile or hand painted tile backsplash, and the lighting over the island, am I right? When is it okay to put a painting in the kitchen? Is it better to keep it simple? Here are some pictures of art in the kitchen that I found particularly intriguing.

Nancy Boszhardt. What an amazing and clearly functional kitchen. If that found painting was not there, the kitchen would still be beautiful but it definitely adds a focal point and some interest.

Even in a super industrial kitchen, it doesn't have to be all modular pieces. This painting is amazing and adds much needed color to the space. From Living Etc.

Delson Sherman Architects placed a painting off to the side. This painting helps to transition the space from the kitchen to the dining/sun room.

Another striking painting made into the focal point of the room framed by two amazing sconces. I really love those sconces. By David Kleinberg.

Even in this mini kitchen (Anna Sui's apartment from Elle Decor), there are two works of art; one leaning and another in a niche above the sink. The painting only adds to the gracefully controlled whimsy in this space.

So, I guess you can have it all! Subway tile galore, amazing lighting and art. I have a framed piece of fabric with an elephant on it from India in my kitchen. It helps to define the space as my kitchen is technically kitchen slash living room. I'm sure a lot of you have situations like that. I placed the fabric right over my breakfast table instead of centered on the whole wall and it breaks the room into two parts.

In other news, I had my class tonight and it's not as scary as I thought (fingers crossed), but it will take up a lot of my time so please be patient with me!
Thanks for your encouragement, too!

Alicia B.



I know you love folk art and so do I! Love the paint that Delson Sherman Architects included in their kitchen. So folky ;-)

Anonymous said...

Am always afraid that I'll hurt the art or splatter it, but I see that well-placed paintings or glass covered actually makes the kitchen area a lot better. Thanks for the insight, Alicia B.!!

Down Pillow said...

Honestly, I don't really think of placing art in a kitchen too much - I usually keep it pretty simple. Love the second photo, though :)

Alicia B. Designs said...

Thanks ya'll! Yes, anon, please cover your art and don't splatter!


Anonymous said...

We have these funny narrow spaces in our kitchen so we put a decorative wine shaped cheese platter that commemorates our wedding there. I love having something besides appliances in the kitchen! Growing up we also had a few decorative bowls that hung on the wall in those awkward spaces which gave the kitchen a nice homey touch I thought.