Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shopping with Alicia B: Round Table Lamps Edition

From Pottery Barn, this Japanese Float glass lamp is so nautically charming! Even though $200 seems steep, it is handblown glass and hand knotted jute wrapped around it.

As promised, I went on a shopping expedition for round table lamps. I love circles; they are a complete form, but at the same time very organic. Ready for some circular, whole, organic fun?!

This is a classic stacked crystal ball lamp from Target. Only $149 with a shade, and let me tell you, shades can be pricey so this just makes it easy!

Another nautical lamp (are we sensing a personal preference here?), this one from Shades of Light. It looks like a real old lantern in between the base and shade, right? Nautical Outdoor Table Lamp $170.

Lamp Work Room is one of my favorite places to look for lamps. They are so creative and inventive. This antique Mercury Glass Ball lamp is unique and has that special vintage feel to it. If anybody wants to buy it for me, FEEL FREE.

Speaking of a vintage glam feeling...Anthropologie! Here is another glass lamp, this time with some color. The Cooled Globes Lamp is $298.

Squat and full of character, this lamp is from Shades of Light. It also comes in white but I love the organic feel of this--it looks like a little apple! Bubble Sphere table lamp only $99!

See what I mean about how charm filled and fun these little ball/round/spherical lamps are? I have a little wicker ball lamp that I found a few years ago and it is the perfect size for a side table in my bedroom. Also, in the spirit of downsizing, these lamps are really quite perfect. They give off just as much light and fit perfectly in a small place.

Alicia B.


LindsB said...

I wish I had a place for that Mercury Glass lamp, its very pretty!

Caitlin said...

I have an addiction to lamps and it is like you are giving me drugs.

I've seen darling pineapple lamps at both walmart anf kmart recently

Alicia B. Designs said...

Linds-I know I can't get it off my mind!

Caitlin-Thanks for commenting! I know what you mean and I saw some really cute pineapple lamps at Shades of Light. They're GREAT! Thanks for the tip.

Nicolette said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog

I've also seen the float glass lamp from Pottery Barns. It's such an unique design, and would look great in a light setting to give an almost beach house feel to the interior.


Down Pillow said...

Some great finds :) Love that Anthropologie lamp.