Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Etsy Fun: Magark Shop

I slyly convinced my mother to get rid of our no longer functioning dry erase board in our mudroom at home and go for something fun and old school like an actual chalk board. Out of a few choices she decided on the one above! I'm excited to see how it looks and I really like the green board instead of a black one for this space. It will add some nice color to the otherwise white painted room.

After I cruised around Etsy, I went back to the store where the vintage chalkboard came from and admired mostly all of the store! Take a look at some of my favorites. Etsy vintage shops have been very good to me lately...just sayin.

A set of vintage post cards for $15. I think old post cards are so romantic when they've already been written on in old script to a friend or loved one. So sweet.

These ornate little frames for $8.95 would surely add interest to a gallery wall or any table as well.

Iron stone pitcher. I love a classic white pitcher and this one is only $ 6.95!

These bank sacks are only 2.50! I love how they say they must be returned to Boatmen's Bank when clearly they have escaped. These would make a really fun pillow.

This gold leaf wall sconce is also quite interesting. I think I'd painted it white though and hang it on my wall. Only $8.95

Even when I was writing this blog, the Etsy Seller, Magark, updated the shop with more fun items! This also goes back to what I was saying a few days ago. It doesn't have to take a ton of work and a whole big daunting change just to freshen up your home a little bit! For my mother, this one little item is going to make a world of difference in the mudroom and when I buy those bank sacks and make them into pillows, it will really make my living room look different.

Did you all have great Labor Day Weekends? I had a blast! I'll show you some pictures of our adventures later on this afternoon. Patience is a virtue.

Alicia B.


Down Pillow said...

LOVE those adorable little yellow frames :)


Swooning for those yellow frames! Our moms sure are lucky to have us, right!

Unknown said...

“This bag should be returned to Boatmen’s Bank”, even with that statement, this bag didn’t find its way back to where it belongs! Haha! But, at least now, this bag will serve another good purpose, and that is, to be pillow. I wonder why vintage bank bags are so popular. Does it stimulate a positive feeling of attracting money?

-Harriett Faulks