Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Black and Light Candles.

As a design blogger, I actually do receive a lot of emails requesting that I review people's products etc. Most of the time I have to ignore them because why would I be interested in commercial paper products? I was very intrigued though when I got an email from this sweet company, Black and Light Co. They make the most gorgeous and fun beeswax candles I've ever seen! These would make such great housewarming gifts...hmm.

One of the things that I was most impressed by was the packing and presentation. Presentation is often the element that makes you fall in love with something to begin with. Not that looks are everything, but we're designers--we like things to look nice!

They included two matchbooks amid the amazingness!

I chose to order two candles because I just couldn't decide. This is the box that it was housed in.

The large one was black bees and inside this gorgeous box there was a sweet quote that warmed by heart almost as much as the candle did.

Oh Anne Frank. You are so wise.

I put the candles in my small foyer on the chest because I like to have a soft welcoming glow in there. They were just so simple and pretty and they didn't have a weird smell that I'd have to get used to or anything! I love bees (only in pictures though not in real life because I hate to get stung) so I chose the bees but they also have polka dots, floral patterns, and many others.

Besides the pretty packaging and the stellar product itself, their customer service was something we should all strive towards. They were patient with my questions, as I had many and were eager to know what I really thought! The follow up was great. Thanks so much Black and Light--talk to you soon for my next order. Probably the polka dots.

Alicia B.



How fun! Good packaging make everything better, its one of those little things!

Down Pillow said...

Love the bumblebees candles - too cute :)

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