Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm obsessed with D. Porthault sheets.

via Peak of Chic.

I've been silently obsessing over the sheets that I saw in Rita Konig's apartment featured in Domino Magazine a few years ago, and my need for them has suddenly become very urgent. I just recently saw them in the spread of Jan Showers's latest design for a 1950's home in Texas. I need them. I must have them. The sheets in question are D. Porthault and they are, of course, completely out of my price range, so incredibly beautiful and classic. My favorite pattern is the hearts pattern. They are sweet, yet very sophisticated, soft and feminine.

From the Jan Showers spread that I mentioned above. Monogrammed duvet and sweet Porthault pillows make this bedroom strong and feminine.

The scene that started the obsession, Rita Konig's bedroom from Domino. Little did I know I was on a slippery slope here. I love to buy sheets to begin with but this is on another level.

Here is Rita Konig's bed when it is made. These pillows in a flower pattern are equally as exquisite.

Here is "my" pattern in a handkerchief. Swoon. via lasplash

All the hottest designers use these sheets for their clients and themselves, such as James Andrews, above. Also read his hilarious blog, What is James Wearing-he's always fabulously dressed.

In my obsessive search this evening, I found that I'm in good company with this. Jennifer at Peak of Chic is obsessed as well. HERE is her post about Porthault. Are you guys on my Porthault train? Do you have a secret sheets obsession like mine?

Alicia B.


Dallas Shaw said...

love them too- and I'm looking for new bedding?

The Peak of Chic said...

Hi Alicia! I have a saved Google search on Porthault, which led me to your blog! Love, love Porthault. If only the sheets weren't so darn expensive! I'm pining for one of those crazy floral prints. Have a great weekend.

Alicia B. Designs said...

Dallas--They are so pretty but also check out Pine Cone Hill. Classic/pretty!

Peak of Chic-Thanks for visiting! Maybe someday I'll be able to afford Porthault but for now I can blog about it. haha.

Alicia B.

Down Pillow said...

OMG, such beautiful sweet bedding! Thanks for sharing :)