Monday, September 14, 2009

A look at my weekend through a French door.

After spending most of the weekend thinking about gallery walls and French doors, I thought I'd share some French doors with you. I think we already had a huge craze of gallery walls about a year ago and the blog world has probably had its fill. In any case, I'm wild for these french doors. They look so inviting and gracious. French doors are usually wood framed doors with glass panes and are often found in pairs. Pairs are my favorite kind--the more the merrier!

Typical Phoebe Howard: elegant, comfortable and sweet. The French doors look like they open out onto a welcoming terrace or back lawn.

Wouldn't it be nice to have high ceilings like these? Mario Buatta was lucky enough to design this space; a 98 room Beaux Arts masterpiece in California.

Living Etc. Usually I shy away from purple, because it can be too "pretty," but these French doors are so gently framed by the periwinkle drapery that I can't help but adore this room.

Gil Schafer. This narrow porch is expanded with french doors into the adjoining room. I love the light blue paint on the floor and the walls.

I think I like french doors so much because they let a lot of light into a room. I love the way the room looks with all that light streaming in and if there's a gorgeous view that doesn't hurt either. I hope you enjoyed seeing a snippet of my weekend without having to do all the semi tedious drafting and leaning over a drafting table. More to come!

Alicia B.


Robin said...

My apartment is not big but I do have lovely french doors in my LR/DR that lead to a teeny tiny balcony and I love them, they make a huge difference in the light in the room (which faces north).

Anonymous said...

Are french doors the new sliding glass doors? I notice that in our new house, the parents went for french doors instead of sliding glass ones like we used to have - I think our old house was built in the 60s. Any thoughts on that evolution?

Down Pillow said...

Amazing photos :) I absolutely love the 3rd one &, although not my usual taste, the 2nd room is stunning.